Which of the following points lies on Y-axis?


Which of the following points lies on Y-axis?

A(l, 1), B(1, 0), C(0, 1), D(0, 0), E(0, -1), F(-1, 0), G(0, 5), H(-7, 0) and I(3 ,3).

Thinking Process

The point lies on Y-axis means x-coordinate of point will be zero. Check this condition for every given point and find out the correct point.


We know that, a point lies on the Y-axis, if its x-coordinate is zero. Here, x-coordinate of points C(0, 1), D(0, 0), E(0,-1) and G(0, 5) are zero. So,

these points lie on Y-axis. Also, D(0, 0) is the intersection point of both.the axes, so we can consider that it lies on Y-axis as well as on X-axis.

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