Why are Arabari forests of Bengal


Why are Arabari forests of Bengal known to be good example of conserved forests.


Regeneration of Sal Forests — An Example of People’s Participation in the Management of Forests Despite best efforts, the West Bengal Forest

Department could not revive the degraded Sal forests of Southwestern districts of the state. Excessive surveillance and policing of the degraded

forests not only alienated the people but also resulted in frequent clashes between villagers and forest officials. This also fueled the militant

peasant movement led by Naxalites. Realising the failure, the forest department revised its strategy in 1972. It allowed forest officer A.K. Banerjee

of Arabari forest range of Midnapore to involve villagers in regeneration of 1272 hectares of badly degraded Sal forest. Banerjee provided

employment to villagers in silviculture (cultivation of trees) and harvesting, 25% of final harvest and allowed collection of fuel wood as well as

fodder at nominal fee. By 1983, the Arabari forest had been revived and was then valued at 12-5 crores.

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