Write short notes on the following.


Write short notes on the following.

(i) The Indian Desert

(ii) The Central Highlands

(iii) The Island groups of India


(i) Lying towards the west of the Aravali Hills, the Indian Desert is an undulating sandy plain covered with crescent-shaped and longitudinal sand dunes. This region is characterised by very little rainfall, an arid climate and low vegetation cover. Streams appear only during the rainy season. Luni is the only large river in this region.

(ii) The part of the Peninsular Plateau lying to the north of the Narmada River, covering a major area of the Malwa Plateau, is known as the Central Highlands. They are bound by the Vindhya Range from the south and by the Aravali Hills from the northwest. The further westward extension merges with the Indian Desert while the eastward extension is marked by the Chotanagpur Plateau. The rivers draining this region flow from southwest to northeast. The Central Highlands are wider in the west but narrower in the east.

(iii) India has two groups of islands. The Lakshadweep Islands lie in the Arabian Sea, to the southwest of the mainland. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands lie in the Bay of Bengal, to the southeast of the mainland.

Lakshadweep is composed of small coral islands, covering a small area of 32 square kilometres. Kavaratti Island is its administrative headquarters. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are bigger in size and are more numerous and scattered. The entire group of islands is divided into Andaman (in the north) and Nicobar (in the south).

Both these island groups are rich in flora and fauna, and are of great strategic importance to the country.

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