You know that $\frac{1}{7}=0 . \overline{142857}$ Can you predict what the decimal expansion of $\frac{2}{7}, \frac{3}{7}, \frac{4}{7}, \frac{5}{7}, \frac{6}{7}$ are, without actually doing the long division? If so, how?


Yes. It can be done as follows.

$\frac{2}{7}=2 \times \frac{1}{7}=2 \times 0 . \overline{142857}=0 . \overline{285714}$

$\frac{3}{7}=3 \times \frac{1}{7}=3 \times 0 . \overline{142857}=0 . \overline{428571}$

$\frac{4}{7}=4 \times \frac{1}{7}=4 \times 0 . \overline{142857}=0 . \overline{571428}$

$\frac{5}{7}=5 \times \frac{1}{7}=5 \times 0 . \overline{142857}=0 . \overline{714285}$

$\frac{6}{7}=6 \times \frac{1}{7}=6 \times 0 . \overline{142857}=0 . \overline{857142}$

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