Dr. Shivani Bhargava

🎓 Education

👉 8+ Years of KOTA teaching
👉 Mentored over thousands of students

⚙ Experience
8+ Years of teaching Experience


Dr. Shivani Bhargava is a valued member of the eSaral Biology Faculty and a highly respected educator in the field of biology. With over 8 years of teaching experience, she has mentored thousands of students, helping them achieve their academic and personal goals. 


Shivani Bhargava ma’am expertise in biology is demonstrated by her former position as a faculty member at Etoos, where she taught students from across the country. She is known for her clear explanations, practical examples, and engaging teaching style, making complex biology concepts accessible to students of all levels.


Her passion for education is evident in the positive impact she has had on her students. She goes above and beyond to ensure her students understand the material, and her supportive and encouraging approach helps students build confidence in their abilities. With her wealth of experience, she is the perfect mentor for students who want to excel in biology.


Whether you're just starting out in biology or looking to further your knowledge, Dr. Bhargava's classes are designed to help you achieve your goals. With her expertise and guidance, students can feel confident in their ability to succeed and reach their full potential.




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