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JEE Advanced 2021 Question Paper with Solutions - PDF Download

JEE Mains & Advanced

If a candidate wants to crack their IIT JEE exam then he/she needs to solve the JEE advanced question paper as they help to boost their exam preparation. It also provides a brief idea about the pattern of the examination which includes the weightage for each topic, marking scheme, etc. It is suggested by every IITian and mentors to solve the IIT JEE advanced 2021 question paper on a regular basis as it increases confidence and focus of the student and it makes students stress free during the examination.

Every student should practice the IIT JEE advanced 2021 tasks regularly if they want to do well on their exam. Once a student has solved the JEE advanced 2021 exam questions, they will get an idea of the most common questions that may be repeated each year.

If candidates want to practice, they can download the JEE advanced 2021 question paper from our website in PDF format (with solution).  Our experts provide JEE advanced question papers in downloadable links to make it easier for all the students to access them.

JEE Advanced 2021 Question Paper with Solution PDF Download Free

         JEE Advanced 2021         Question Paper - 1 (PDF)        Question Paper - 2 (PDF)
               Physics                    Download PDF                Download PDF
             Chemistry                     Download PDF                Download PDF
               Maths                     Download PDF                Download PDF

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper

JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper


Our experts provide the JEE advanced 2021 paper with solution PDF to help candidates get a clear idea about the question types that will be asked in exam. The solutions are well explained and written in both languages in simple form. You can simply click on the below links and download the JEE advanced 2021 previous year paper along with the solutions.


The JEE advanced 2021 is conducted in two shifts. Paper 1 was in the morning shift from 9 am to 12 noon. And another paper 2 was conducted from 2:30 to 5:30. There are 2 hours between the two papers so that the students can relax after taking the first paper.

This year the exam was conducted on Oct 3rd, 2021 by IIT Kharagpur. It was also noticed that the exam pattern of 2021 was matching with that of the JEE advanced 2018, but obviously the questions were different.

When the question papers were analyzed later, it was noticed that the paper on Physics was quite easy and had topics from the NCERT books of class XIth and XIIth. Almost all the topics were covered from these 2 years.

The JEE advanced 2021 Chemistry paper was also easy and most of the questions were again based on the NCERT books. Some of the important topics from organic Chemistry were Metallurgy, salt analysis and coordination Chemistry.

However, the paper of Mathematics was really tough and paper 1 had more questions on complex numbers, probability, matrix, vector and straight line. Paper 2 had most of the questions from coordinate geometry and calculus.

Interestingly, it has been noticed by the experts and previous IITians that more weightage is given to the calculus and coordinate geometry in the Mathematics paper every year. But being a responsible guide or partner, Esaral would urge its students to not only focus on these 2 topics, rather each and every topic should be prepared thoroughly with equal concentration and hard work. Reason being no one can predict the exam pattern with 100 percent accuracy before the examination.

Still solving previous year papers has enormous benefits on its own, and they are undoubtedly one of the best tools to crack the JEE advanced examination.  Some of the toppers or high rank holders too confirmed that they used to solve previous year question papers on a regular basis. So, Esaral is also providing the JEE advanced 2021 previous year question papers above to its students.

JEE Advanced 2021 – Exam Highlights



Exam Mode

Online (Computer-based Test)

Number of paper


Time duration

6 hours (3 hours for each paper)


Hindi or English

Number of sections

3 (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

Type of Questions

MCQs (Single & Multiple correct options) NAT questions (single-digit integer)

Marking scheme


Benefits of solving JEE advanced 2021 question paper

1. Familiarity with Exam Pattern

 By solving JEE advanced 2021 question paper, the students can become well-acquainted with the pattern of the exam, formats of the questions, and the full structure of the Advanced exam, which can help in reducing anxiety and boosting confidence during the actual exam.

2. To Understand Question Types

Solving JEE Advanced 2021 question papers can be very challenging and may require a thorough understanding of the concepts. By advanced 2021pyq, the enthusiasts can get exposure to various types of questions and can therefore identify the areas where they need improvement. This practice will help them in developing effective strategies and tackling numerous type of question after actual exam.

3. Time Management Skills

We all are aware that the JEE Advanced like any other examination is a time-bound examination, and time management is utmost important for getting success in this exam. By solving the JEE advanced 2021 paper, one can practice with the time allocation for all the sections and questions, which can help in developing a sense of pacing. It will also help in completing the examination within the stipulated time frame.

4. Knowing Strengths and Weaknesses

While solving IIT JEE advanced 2021 papers, one can assess his/her performance and identify his/her strengths and weaknesses in the subjects and their related topics. It will enable the students to focus their efforts on areas which need improvements, thus help in optimizing the study plan.

5. Refining Speed and Accuracy

The JEE advanced exam demands speed as well as accuracy in solving difficult problems. By regularly solving JEE advanced papers, the young JEE enthusiasts can enhance their problem-solving skills, calculations, and logical reasoning expertise. With continuous and serious practice, they can greatly enhance their pace while maintaining cent percent accuracy, which is pivotal for scoring well in the JEE exam.

6. Solid Revision and Concept Augmentation

Revisiting the JEE advanced 2021 paper helps in reinforcing the concepts and chapters which students have studied during their preparation. It provides a good chance to apply precise knowledge in a genuine exam-like framework, which can help in retaining the accurate concepts. So, it is clear that the revision backs in better understanding of the concepts and retains them for a longer time.

7. Foreseeing Trends

By analyzing the 2021 JEE advance paper, one can identify trends in the topics, question patterns, and weightage on the chapters. This analysis can lead to the preparation strategy, and can help in prioritizing the important topics/chapters in the upcoming JEE advanced exam.

 8. Uplifting Confidence

Solving JEE Advanced 2021 questions paper uplift the confidence of the students, and also provides a sense of achievement to them. When one solves more papers, he/she gains confidence in his/her potential, which positively impacts his/her overall performance in the JEE advanced exam.

In a nutshell, we can say that solving JEE Advanced 2021 papers is a crucial part of exam preparation. It provides multiple benefits, from familiarity with the examination pattern, refinement in problem-solving skills, to essential time management, all of which can increase success ratio in the IIT JEE advanced exam.


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