simple harmonic motion questions and answers
Simple Harmonic Motion Questions and Answers Class 11 Physics

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Get (SHM) simple harmonic motion questions and answers for physics class 11 exams.View 11th Physics important questions for exam point of view. These important questions will play significant role in clearing concepts of Physics chapters. This question bank is designed by expert faculties keeping NCERT in mind and the questions are updated with respect to upcoming Board exams. You will get here all the important questions for class 11 Physics chapter wise CBSE.

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Q. A man with wrist watch on his hands fall from the top of a tower. Does the watch give correct time?


Q. A vibrating simple pendulum of period is placed in a lift which is accelerating downwards. What will be the effect on the time period?


Q. Where is tension maximum in the string of a simple pendulum?


Q. Can a motion be oscillatory but not simple harmonic? If your answer is yes give an example and if not explain why?


Q. Which of the following examples represents nearly) S.H.M. and which represents periodic but not S.H.M.?

(i) The rotation of earth about its own axis.

(ii) Motion of an oscillating mercury column in a U-tube.

(iii) Motion of a ball bearing inside a smooth curved bowl when released from a point slightly above the lower most position.

(iv) General vibration of polyatomic molecule about its equilibrium configuration.


Q. A girl is sitting on a swing. Another girl sits by her side. What will be the effect on the periodic time of the swing?

Sol. No effect, as periodic time is independent of mass.

Q. Given below are $(x-t)$ plots for linear motion of a particle. Which of the plots represent periodic motion ? What is the period of motion (in case of periodic motion)?


Q. The bob of a vibrating simple pendulum is made of ice. How will the period of swing will charge when ice starts melting?

Sol. The period of swing of simple pendulum will remain unchanged till the location of centre of gravity of the bob left after melting the ice remains at a fixed distance from the point of suspension. But, if the centre of gravity of ice bob after melting is raised upwards, then the effective length of pendulum decreases and hence the time period of swing decreases. If the centre of gravity of ice shifts on lower side, the time period of swing increases.

Q. A ball of mass ‘m’ is dropped in a tunnel along the diameter of earth from a height ‘h’ (h< <R) above the surface of earth. Is the motion simple harmonic?


Q. Which of the following functions of time represent (a) Periodic (b) Non-periodic motion ? Give the period of for each periodic motion $(\omega$ is any positive constant).

(ii) sin $\omega t+\cos \omega t$

(ii) $\sin \omega t+\cos 2 \omega t+\sin 4 \omega t$

(iii) Se $^{\circ t}$

(iv) $\log \omega t$


Q. If a pendulum clock is taken on the mountain top, does it lose or gain time, assuming it is correct at a lower elevation?


Q. The soldiers marching on a suspended bridge are advised to go out of steps. Why?


Q. Glass window-panes may be broken by a far away explosion. Explain why?


Q. Find expression for time period and frequency for the oscillations of a liquid in a U-tube.


Q. Explain the oscillations of a loaded spring and find the expression for time period and frequency in case of vertical spring.


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