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Trigonometric Ratios of Compound Angle Revision Video | Class 11, JEE

Through this revision video you will be able to revise Trigonometric ratios of compound angles, an important Class 11 topic. This Video tutorial covering Compound angles in trigonometry, Compound angles based questions, Formula of Cos(A + B), Formula of Cos(A - B), Formula of Sin(A + B), Formula of Sin(A - B), Formula of tan(A + B), Formula of tan(A- B), Cos(A + B)= CosACosB – SinASinB, Cos(A - B)= CosACosB + SinASinB, trigonometric identities, common angles, and more. So it will help students to prepare for JEE and Other competitive exams like Comed-K, BITSAT etc. Mind Map is also shared in the revision video to learn all the important formulae. This revision technique will help you solve Compound angles based questions like a topper and get a better score.

Revision PART-1

Revision PART-2 (Practice Questions based on JEE (Main & Advanced))


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