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3D Geometry Revision Video - Class 12, JEE

Watch the Video to Quickly Revise 3 D Coordinate Geometry in Mathematics Class 12 with N.K. Gupta Sir. Revision of Complete 3D Geometry in 2 Parts given below:

PART - 1

First part of 3D coordinate Geometry Revision covering following topics: -Point: Coordinates/Distance/Section Formula -Direction Cosines/Ratios -Equation of Plane in various forms -Perpendicular Distance of point from a Plane -Angle between the Planes -Angle bisector of the Planes -Family of Planes -Two sides of a Plane

PART - 2

This is the Second part of 3D Geometry Revision covering following topics: -Eq. of Straight Line - Symmetrical form: Vector/ Cartesian -Eq. of Straight Line - General form -Angle Between a Line and a Plane -Condition for a Line to lie in a Plane -General Eq. of the Plane containing a Line -Shortest Distance Between Two Skew Lines -Unsymmetrical Form of Straight Line -Line of Greatest Slope in a Plane

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