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CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus 2020-2021 - Detailed Syllabus - eSaral

Hey, are you looking for the CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus? If yes then you are at the right place.

CBSE class 11 chemistry syllabus is designed by subject experts. If you are a class 11 student then it is super important for you to check the latest syllabus before starting your studies.

Class 11 syllabus has lots of important topics which also come in different competitive entrance exams that’s why it is very important for students to study class 11 topics thoroughly.

Chemistry is one of the most important branch of science that deals with chemical reactions, the structure of atoms, chemical bonding, elements, etc.

The Theoretical part of the chemistry Syllabus holds 70 Marks and the evolution scheme holds 30 Marks. So if you want to score high in the exam then you should have a good knowledge of both.

CBSE Class 11 Syllabus

Unit No. Title No. of Periods Marks
Unit I Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 10 11
Unit II Structure of Atom 12  
Unit III Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 06 04
Unit IV Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 14 21
Unit V States of Matter: Gases and Liquids 09  
Unit VI Chemical Thermodynamics 14  
Unit VII Equilibrium 12  
Unit VIII Redox Reactions 04 16
Unit IX Hydrogen 04  
Unit X s -Block Elements 05  
Unit XI p -Block Elements 09  
Unit XII Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques 10 18
Unit XIII Hydrocarbons 10  
Unit XIV Environmental Chemistry (Deleted for 2020-21 Syllabus)    
  Total 119 70

CBSE Class 11 chemistry Practical Syllabus

Evaluation Scheme Marks
Volumetric Analysis 08
Salt Analysis 08
Content Based Experiment 06
Project Work 04
Class record and viva 04
Total 30

Class 11 Chemistry Chapters

  • Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  • Atomic structure
  • Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties
  • States of Matter
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Equilibrium 
  • Ionic Equilibrium
  • Redox Reactions
  • Hydrogen
  • S-Block Elements
  • Carbon Family p-block Elements 
  • Boron Family p-block Elements
  • General Organic Chemistry
  • Hydrocarbons


To learn these chapters in Details you can also refer Class 11 Chemistry Notes.

CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus includes lots of different concepts of Chemistry. These topics will helps you to build a good foundation to learn Advanced concepts of Chemistry.

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If you have any Confusion related to CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus then feel free to ask in the comments section down below.

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