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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2020 - PDF Download

Class 10

Social Science is a fundamental subject in Class 10, and this paper will provide students with the necessary information to ensure successful completion of the examination. eSaral offers a PDF of Social Science question paper 2020 for the CBSE class 10 Social Science examination, which can be used to help students prepare for the upcoming board examination. Solving and understanding the 2020 question paper will help you to comprehend the exam pattern formulated by CBSE in the current year. By keeping the paper's standard and difficulty level in mind, students can develop their own strategies for exam preparation, which will ultimately lead to increased self-confidence during the examination.

The CBSE Class 10 Social Science question paper 2020 PDF can be downloaded here by students to access. Students will be able to understand the kind of questions that will be asked in the CBSE class 10 social science question paper 2020. Analyzing the questions will help students in preparing for the upcoming social science paper in the same manner. All the question papers of CBSE class 10 social science 2020 can be downloaded in PDF format from the direct links provided on our website. With these question papers you can prepare well for exams.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2020: Pattern 

The CBSE class 10 Social Science question paper 2020 was formulated with the aim of evaluating students' knowledge, understanding, and application skills. It was intended to promote a shift away from rote learning and encourage a comprehensive understanding of the topic. By Understanding this pattern, students can effectively and successfully prepare for their examination in class 10 Social Science. In 2020, the CBSE revised the examination format for class 10 Social Science in order to evaluate the conceptual comprehension and analytical capabilities of students. 

The CBSE Class 10 Social Science question paper 2020 followed a well-structured pattern . The question paper was divided into four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. The question paper consists of 35 questions. All the questions in the paper were compulsory. In Section A questions 1-20 were objective type questions with 1 mark each. In Section B questions 21 to 28 were Short answer type questions with 3 marks each. In section C questions 29 to 34 were long answer type questions with 5 marks each. Question 35 in section D is based on map work with 6 marks. The map question number 35 is 6 marks and is divided into two parts: 35 a (2 marks) from History and 35 b (4 marks) from Geography.

There were no overall choices in the paper, but internal choices were made in 5 questions Section A , 4 questions in Section B, and 2 questions in Section C.


Question Type

No. of Questions



1 mark (objective type questions)




3 marks (short answer type questions)




5 marks (long answer type questions)




6 marks (map based question)





Why should you solve the CBSE Class 10 Board Social Science (sst) 2020 Question Paper? 

Solving the CBSE Class 10 Board Social Science (SST) 2020 question paper is not just a post-exam exercise but a valuable resource for self-assessment, revision, and continuous improvement. It provides students with a clear understanding of the exam pattern, helps them practice and refine their skills, and offers insights into their performance. Here, we will discuss the benefits of solving the CBSE class 10 board social science 2020 question paper.

  1. Solving the CBSE Class 10 Social Science 2020 question paper provides students with an excellent opportunity for self-evaluation. It allows them to assess their knowledge, understanding, and problem-solving skills in the subject. By comparing their answers to the correct solutions, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses. 

  2. The CBSE class 10 board exams are structured in a certain manner, and the question paper for each year of the examination follows this pattern. By completing the Social Science question paper for the year 2020, students can gain an understanding of the format, question types, and marks distribution.

  3. Revisiting and solving the Social Science question paper from the previous year is an effective revision tool. It enables students to recall essential concepts, facts and information from the topic. Repetition helps to strengthen comprehension of key topics, thus making it easier to recall and apply them in future exams. As revision is an essential part of exam preparation, solving the previous year’s question paper helps to consolidate knowledge.

  4. When students solve the 2020 Social Science question paper, they may recognize common mistakes they made during the actual exam. This self-awareness is invaluable as it allows students to learn from their errors and avoid repeating them in future exams. It's an opportunity to fine-tune their exam strategy and improve their overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What can I do to improve my Social Science preparation for class 10?

Answer 1. Here are some strategies to help you get through your Social Science exam better and faster.

  1. Time management is key when it comes to studying for an exam. Preparing for and writing exams takes a lot of effort, so make sure you plan your time accordingly.

  2.  Make sure you stick to your study plan for the social science exam to make sure you are prepared.

  3. It is essential to be aware of the specific topics and concepts outlined in the syllabus. 

  4. To ensure a thorough understanding of the material, it is recommended to take brief notes.

Question 2. What does the pdf of CBSE class 10 social science question papers 2020 consist of?

Answer 2. The previous questions paper pdf of social science class 10 consists of the sets of last year's questions paper and their corresponding solutions. The solutions provided in the pdf are prepared by eSaral's expert faculty, so students can easily follow them and follow the writing pattern for best possible answers.


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