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CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2019 - PDF Download

Class 12

Previous year question papers provided by eSaral will help students in preparing well for their upcoming examination 2019. Practising or solving these previous year question papers which contain the similar paper pattern as given by CBSE during last years, will help you to be more confident in your exams. Class 12 Biology previous year practice paper helps you get an idea of the paper pattern and practice the same very well. These papers include a particular set of questions which are asked in previous year exams. 

This last year's question paper will help you to improve your performance and understanding of exam pattern and time management. These previous year question papers are also being provided by our expert teachers, so the students can get an overall idea about the upcoming exam.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper Solutions 2019

CBSE Class 12 Biology paper is always considered to be a lengthy paper. Most of the students find it very difficult to answer all the questions during their exam. The subject includes multiple complicated concepts which need to be illustrated with the help of diagrams. To score well in the Biology paper you need to have a thorough understanding of all topics given in the syllabus and a better time management strategy. By solving the CBSE Class 12 previous year biology question papers, you can analyse how much time you give to a particular or on your weaker section question. Accordingly, you can speed up your answer writing skill. Here, we have given the CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Papers 2019 consisting of all questions in PDF format for free downloading.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2019 Pattern

CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper was divided into five sections which are A, B, C, D, E.

There were 27 questions in the question paper:

  • Section A had 16 questions of 1 mark for each question. 

  • Section B had 5 Very Short Answer Type Questions of 2 marks for each question.

  • Section C had 7 Short Answer Type Questions of 3 marks for each question.

  • Section D had 2 Case Based Questions of 4 marks for each question. 

  • Section E had 3 Long Answer Type Questions of 5 marks for each question.


No. of Questions 

Marks per question

Type of Questions

Section A



Multiple Choice Question

Section B



Short Answer Question Type 1

Section C



Short Answer Question Type 2

Section D



Cased Based Question

Section E



Long Answer Question





CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus 2019 - 2020








Genetics and Evolution



Biology and Human Welfare



Biotechnology and its Applications



Ecology and Environment


Benefits of Practicing CBSE 12th Biology Question Paper 2019

Solving the previous year CBSE 12th Physics question papers will help students score better in CBSE 12th Biology Board Exam 2019. Every student is recommended to solve the previous year CBSE Class 12 Biology question paper for the upcoming CBSE Biology Board Exam 2019. The benefits of solving the previous year CBSE 12th Biology question paper are given down below.

  • You will be able to understand the Class 12 Biology board exam, its marking scheme 2019 and exam pattern by solving or practicing last year's question paper. 

  • Previous year Biology question papers will help you to track down the important and repeated questions asked in the previous year question paper. 

  • This pyq will help you to score much better marks in Class 12 Biology CBSE Board Exam 2019.

  • Pyq will help you to know the type of questions that will be asked in the CBSE 12th Biology board Exam 2019.

  • You may know your preparation level for the CBSE 12th biology Question Paper 2019

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1:  Name the chapters given in the NCERT book of Class 12 Biology.

Answer : Following are the chapters givens in NCERT book of class 12 Biology

  • Chapter 1–Reproduction in Organisms

  • Chapter 2–Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

  • Chapter 3–Human Reproduction

  • Chapter 4–Reproductive Health

  • Chapter 5–Principles of Inheritance and Variation

  • Chapter 6–Molecular Basis of Inheritance

  • Chapter 7–Evolution

  • Chapter 8–Human Health and Disease

  • Chapter 9 –Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

  • Chapter 10–Microbes in Human Welfare

  • Chapter 11–Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

  • Chapter 12–Biotechnology and its Applications

  • Chapter 13–Organisms and Populations

  • Chapter 14–Ecosystem

  • Chapter 15–Biodiversity and Conservation

  • Chapter 16–Environmental Issues

Question 2 : What are the Benefits of Biology Class 12th Important Questions?

Answer : It takes a great deal of dedication and focus preparation in order to perform well in the Class 12 Biology paper. In order to prepare for an effective exam, it is very important to study last year's questions for each chapter. Students must study each chapter thoroughly and practice from a set of last year questions for Class 12 Biology. It helps in successful revision during the exams and as a result, improves your performance in the exam.


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