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Important Questions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 7 Redox Reactions - PDF Download

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eSaral provides important questions of chapter 7 of class 11 chemistry to assist students in achieving high marks in their final examinations. The questions have been formulated by eSaral’s chemistry expert based on the most important aspects of the subject. These questions have been developed in line with the latest NCERT curriculum Syllabus. The solutions are discussed in detail, as are the chemical reactions as well as the formulae.

This text provides a list of Class 11 Chemistry Important Questions with answers for Chapter 7 of the Chemistry syllabus. These Important Questions are derived from the CBSE Board Curriculum and are in line with the latest Class 11 Chemistry syllabus. Practicing these Class 11 Important Questions will enable students to quickly review the concepts covered in the Chapter and be prepared for the upcoming Class 11 Annual Examination and other entrance examinations, including NEET and JEE.

Important Topics & Sub-topics of Redox Reactions Class 11 Chemistry 



Oxidation and Reduction reactions

Oxidation reaction, Reduction reaction, Redox reaction etc.

Oxidation number

Oxidising agent, reducing agent, types of redox reactions, balancing of redox reactions etc.

Redox reactions and electrode processes

Redox couple, electrode, electrode potential, standard electrode potential etc.

Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 7 Redox Reactions Weightage

CBSE Class 11 chemistry exam paper also consist of 70 marks. Every single chapter of chemistry have different weightage in the CBSE chemistry exam. Class 11 chemistry chapter 7- Redox Reactions have 4 marks weightage in the class 11 chemistry CBSE exam paper. The weightage percentage of chemistry chapter 7- Redox Reactions in the CBSE chemistry exam is 6%. Hence, chemistry chapter 7- Redox Reactions is consider as important and scoring chapter in the class 11 chemistry CBSE exam.

Tips to Solve Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 7 Redox Reactions 

Time management strategies to solve Class 11 chemistry Chapter 7 important questions

Effective time management is crucial when studying for any subject, including Class 11 chemistry, and preparing for important questions in Chapter 7 on Redox Reactions. Here are some time management strategies to help you tackle this chapter efficiently:

Understand the Chapter Outline: Start by understanding the chapter's outline and the topics it covers. Make a list of the important questions or concepts you need to focus on.

Create a Study Schedule: Allocate specific time slots for studying Redox Reactions. Create a study schedule that balances your study time with other commitments and breaks. Consistency is key.

Special Focus on Challenging Topics

Special focus on challenging topics of redox reactions can offer several benefits to students, researchers, and anyone interested in the field of chemistry.

Improved Understanding of Fundamental Concepts: Delving into challenging aspects of redox reactions can deepen your understanding of fundamental chemical concepts, such as oxidation and reduction, electron transfer, and electrochemical processes. 

Problem-Solving Skills: Tackling challenging topics in redox reactions can enhance your problem-solving skills. Complex redox reactions often require critical thinking and the ability to devise strategies for balancing equations, determining reaction mechanisms, and predicting outcomes.

Self Test Checklist 

A self-test checklist for Chapter 7 on redox reactions in class 11 chemistry can help you assess your understanding and preparedness for exams. Here's a checklist of important topics and concepts you should cover:

  • Understand the concept of redox reactions.

  • Define oxidation and reduction.

  • Learn how to assign oxidation states to elements in compounds.

  • Understand the rules for determining oxidation states.

  • Know how to balance equations in acidic and basic media.

Benefits of Solving Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 7 Important Questions with Answers 

Solving important questions with answers from Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 7 Redox Reactions offers numerous benefits to students. Here are some of the advantages of using these questions as part of your study and exam preparation:

Conceptual Clarity: Solving important questions helps reinforce the fundamental concepts of redox reactions. It enables you to understand the theoretical aspects of the chapter more comprehensively.

Problem-Solving Skills: Redox reactions often involve complex balancing, calculations, and solving equations. Practicing important questions enhances your problem-solving skills and your ability to balance chemical equations effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the topics of chapter 7 Redox Reactions introduced in Class 11 Chemistry?

Answer 1: Following topics have been introduced in class 11 chemistry chapter 7 Redox Reactions:

  1. Classical idea of redox reactions

  2. Redox reactions in terms of electron transfer reactions

  3. Oxidation number

  4. Redox reactions and electrode processes

Question 2: How to score good marks in Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 7 Redox Reactions? 

Answer 2: Scoring good marks in Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 7 Redox Reactions requires a combination of effective study strategies and consistent effort. Start by thoroughly understanding the fundamental concepts of redox reactions, such as oxidation, reduction, and electron transfer. Carefully read the chapter in your textbook to get a clear grasp of the theoretical concepts. Make concise notes while reading.


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