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Important Questions For Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 Work, Power, and Energy - PDF Download

Class 11

Chapter 5 of Class 11 Physics Work, Power, and Energy is an important topic to be covered by the students for securing good scores in their Board exams as well as in the competitive exams. You can find chapter 5 Work, Power, and Energy as one of the difficult topics to be covered in Physics, but you will be able to tackle this by practising more and more questions with the help of work energy and power Class 11 important questions with answers Pdf available on this platform. Class 11 Physics chapter 5 Important Questions Pdf is prepared for students in such a way that you will be able to solve the questions very easily.

Students should be familiar with chapter 5 Work, Power, and Energy for attempting Class 11 Physics chapter 5 Important Questions. This chapter 5 contains interesting topics like a work-energy theorem, kinetic energy, potential energy, conservation of energy, power, collisions, etc.

Students must be well prepared with chapter 5 for appearing in the CBSE board exams. The most common difficult part for the students is how to approach the question. The approach of the question is understood by practising questions from correlated topics. Before starting with the practice of Class 11 Physics work energy and power important questions you should have a brief revision of the chapter which is available on our eSaral website.

In NCERT Physics syllabus, the Work, Energy, and Power chapter is of high importance from an examination point of view. Students must be familiar with the terms of work, energy, and power from their basic classes. In our day-to-day life, we use these terms so casually but the Physics behind them is very interesting. In order to have a good hold on any subject, it is only possible with regular practice and studies. Work, Energy, and Power is a chapter that can be understood with everyday life examples. Work energy and power Class 11 important questions with answers covered all the questions with suitable examples students can relate themselves very quickly. 

Students should start learning questioning, for example, now we are on chapter 5 Work, Energy, and Power. The 1st first question that arises in a student's mind is what is work. Work and energy are two terms that we come across most often, work and energy are correlated concepts. For solving important questions from work energy and power Class 11, you should understand the complete chapter and remember a few topics given below :

  • Work: Work is energy transferred by force.

  • Work Done: Work done is defined as when an external force acts upon a body in which it is in steady motion; it will experience some displacement; this action is termed as the work is done.

  • Energy: The capacity to do work is known as energy. There are many types of energy like electrical energy, solar energy, mechanical energy, etc. In this chapter, we will mainly focus on mechanical energy and its types. There are two types of mechanical energy:

  1. Kinetic Energy: The energy gained by an object due to its motion is called the kinetic energy of that object or a body.

  2. Potential Energy: The energy gained by an object due to its position or height is known as the potential energy of that object or body.

  • Power: The rate of doing work is called power.

  • Work Energy Theorem: Work energy theorem says that work done by the external forces on an object is equal to the change in its kinetic energy.

  • Conservation of Energy: Conservation of energy can be stated as- energy is a conserved quantity it can neither be created nor be destroyed it's only change from one form to another.

Like these, there are many more interesting concepts in chapter 5 of Class 11 Physics. Not only these you will also come across topics like momentum, conservation of momentum, collisions, type of collision, etc. There are very high chances of getting numerical type problems in competitive exams like iit And NEET from this chapter. Not only numerical type questions we also get to see questions that demand for graphical methods, derivations, and multiple choice type questions (MCQs). 

The work, energy, and power chapter 5 contains of many more important topics that can be mastered by practicing Class 11 Physics chapter 5 Important Questions. The work, Energy and Power chapter mainly focuses on how work is defined, the difference between work and work done, Mechanical energy and its types, etc.  You can refer to the material available on this platform for a detailed explanation.

Chapter 5 of Class 11 Physics syllabus as prescribed by CBSE, NCERT board have many topics, derivations, diagrams, graphs. You must focus on derivation parts carefully with clear understanding.  Numerical problems, MCQs, Revision notes of chapter 5 are available on our eSaral website and they are prepared by expert subject teachers after deep research and analysis of CBSE, NEET, JEE exam papers and students find them reliable. Before starting with the preparation of the exams, you should go through the chapters thoroughly without skipping any topic as in Physics every topic will be related to each other topic.

Important Topics & Sub-topics of Work, Energy and Power Class 11 Physics

In Class 11 Physics, the chapter on "Work, Energy, and Power" covers several important topics and sub-topics. Here are the main topics and their subtopics


  • Definition of work

  • Work done by a constant force

  • Work done in moving an object vertically

  • Work done by a variable force

  • Work done by a spring force


  • Kinetic energy

  • Potential energy

  • Conservation of mechanical energy

  • Gravitational potential energy

  • Elastic potential energy

  • Various forms of energy (mechanical, thermal, chemical, etc.


  • Definition of power

  • Units of power

  • Relationship between work, power, and time

  • Calculation of power in various situations

Conservation of Energy

  • The principle of conservation of energy

  • The concept of a closed system

  • Energy transformation and its examples

Non-Conservative Forces

  • Frictional forces

  • Dissipative forces

  • Work done by non-conservative forces

Collision and Elasticity

  • Types of collisions (elastic and inelastic)

  • Coefficient of restitution

  • Elastic potential energy in collisions

Applications of Work, Energy, and Power

  • Efficiency of machines

  • Mechanical advantage

  • Energy conservation in daily life

Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 Work, Energy and Power Weightage

The weightage of Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 "Work, Energy, and Power" can vary depending on the specific curriculum and examination board. However, this chapter is typically considered significant and holds moderate to high weightage in physics courses. In many examinations, questions related to this chapter can contribute significantly to the overall score. It is advisable to check the weightage of this chapter in your specific course or examination syllabus to get a more accurate assessment. 

Tips to Solve Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 Work, Energy and Power

Solving Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 "Work, Energy, and Power" effectively requires a good understanding of the concepts and problem-solving skills. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  •  Start by comprehending the fundamental concepts of work, energy, and power. Have a clear grasp of the definitions and units involved.

  •  Read your textbook thoroughly to understand the theory, derivations, and examples provided. Ensure you have a strong conceptual foundation.

  •  Work through a variety of numerical problems to become comfortable with applying the formulas for work, energy, and power. This chapter often involves calculations.

  •  Understand the principle of conservation of mechanical energy and how it applies to different scenarios. This concept is crucial in this chapter.

  •  Learn to recognize and calculate different forms of energy such as kinetic, potential, and elastic energy.

  •  Understand how energy can transform from one form to another. Practice problems that involve these transformations.

  •  Practice calculating power in various contexts. Understand the relationship between work, power, and time.

  • Be comfortable interpreting and drawing graphs related to work and energy. This can help you visualize energy changes.

By following these tips and regularly practicing problems, you can excel in Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 and build a strong foundation for more advanced topics in physics.

Benefits of Solving Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 Important Questions with Answers

Solving Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 "Work, Energy, and Power" important questions with answers provides several benefits:

  • class 11 physics chapter 5 important questions with answers often focus on key concepts in the chapter. Solving them reinforces your understanding of the fundamental principles of work, energy, and power.

  • chapter 5 Work, Energy and Power class 11 important questions are typically aligned with the types of questions that can appear in exams. Solving them familiarizes you with potential question patterns and improves your exam readiness.

  • Physics chapter 5 class 11 important questions free pdf helps you become more efficient at solving problems. You'll learn to manage your time better during the actual exam, a crucial skill for scoring well.

  • Physics chapter 5 class 11 important questions free pdf can be challenging and require problem-solving skills. By working through them, you enhance your ability to analyze and solve complex physics problems..

Solving Class 11 Physics Chapter 5 important questions with answers is a valuable part of your study routine. It not only helps you master the content but also prepares you for exams and enhances your problem-solving skills, which are crucial in physics and many other fields.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What are the important topics given in chapter 5-Work, Power, and Energy of Class 11 Physics?

Answer: Important topics covered in chapter 5 of Class 11 Physics Contains an introduction, the theorem related to work, energy, and power, different types of energies such as kinetic energy, potential energy, and mechanical energy. You will also learn the concept of conservation of energy and laws related to the conservation of energy. Students can understand all important topics given in Class 11 Physics chapter 5 by practicing important questions given on our website.



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