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Important Questions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 1 - Relation And Function

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Mathematics is an important subject for students of class 12. Students need a good strategy and study material to perform well in board exams. To excel in subject maths, you must study the concepts and properties provided in chapters. You should also practice questions mentioned in exercises for better understanding of topics. Here, our subject experts of maths have composed chapter 1 relation and function class 12 important questions that will help you prepare for exams. Thus, it is essential for students to practice important questions in such a way to score high marks. By practicing chapter 1 maths class 12 important questions, you will be able to solve questions easily and effectively in board exams. Get the free PDF of maths class 12 chapter 1 important questions as well as solved exercise questions for effective learning. Download the PDF of chapter 1 relation and function class 12 important questions from the link provided here. 

Important Topics & Sub-topics of Relation And Function Class 12 Maths

Here, we have provided important topics and sub-topics of relation and function class 12 maths. Chapter 1 relation and function class 12 maths includes topics related to type of relations and type of functions. Chapter 1 includes two exercises along with Miscellaneous exercise. These exercises have questions based on these topics and concepts. You should practice important questions related to the topics of chapter 1 to get desired marks in subject mathematics. All of the essential topics and sub-topics are combined in a table format which you can check below.





Types of Relations

  • Empty Relation

  • Universal Relation

  • Reflexive Relation

  • Symmetric Relation

  • Transitive Relation

  • Equivalence relation

Types of Functions

  • One-One or Injective Function

  • Onto or surjective Function

  • One-One and Onto (or bijective) Function

Composition of Functions and Invertible Function


Class 12 Maths Chapter 1 Relation And Function Weightage

CBSE class 12th maths board exams are conducted every year and the weightage of topics and questions vary year by year depending on syllabus and exam pattern. You must check the exam pattern and syllabus on the official website of CBSE or consult with your maths teacher for proper knowledge regarding weightage of the chapters before appearing for the exams. 

CBSE class 12 maths question paper consists of a total of 100 marks out of which 80 marks are considered for theoretical paper while the rest 20 marks are for internal assessment. Students must achieve 33% marks to pass the subject. 

Chapter 1 rational and function has a total of 35 questions in two exercises with one miscellaneous exercise. To achieve full marks in chapter 1 rational and function for class 12 maths, You must go through the concepts and definitions given in the chapter. You should also practice all the exercise questions. Here, subject matter experts of eSaral have provided relation and function class 12 important questions. This will help you to comprehend the concepts easily and score great marks in board exams. These class 12th maths important questions are available in PDF format which can be downloaded for free from the official website of eSaral. 

Tips to Solve Class 12 Maths Chapter 1 Relation And Function

Students should solve class 12 maths chapter 1 relation and function related questions while preparing for board exams. All the questions are solved in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus. In this section, we have combined some helpful tips for you to solve questions of chapter 1. 

  1. All the topics of relations and functions focus on terms, definitions, theorems and properties. You must be well-versed with all these concepts to solve sums related to them. eSaral’s experienced teachers have elaborated all the important concepts using illustrations. 

  2. Some of the relation and function class 12 important questions are defined in NCERT solutions provided by subject experts of eSaral which are quite helpful for exam preparation.

  3. The topics and concepts defined in chapter 1 are also used in the next chapter as fundamental for inverting trigonometric functions. So, you must have a deep understanding of terms, definitions and formulas outlined in this lesson. 

  4. Students will get an in-depth understanding of these by referring to the detailed concepts mentioned in NCERT solutions for class 12 maths chapter 1. 

Benefits of Solving Class 12 Maths Chapter 1 Important Questions with Answers

All the students of class 12th who are preparing for board exams will find the class 12th maths important questions with answers quite useful even for the last minute preparation. Thus, the subject matter experts at eSaral have combined some of the major benefits of solving class 12 maths chapter 1 important questions with answers.

  1. The academic team of mathematics have compiled maths class 12 chapter 1 important questions along with clear explanations as per the latest CBSE class 12 curriculum.

  2. To comprehend the questions and their answers, our experts have explained the process in a detailed manner to help students in solving the questions easily.

  3. Various questions are included based on different kinds of properties and formulas that follow the most recent syllabus.

  4. Maths class 12 chapter 1 important questions will guide you while preparing for exams, as they focus on the most significant topics and concepts of the chapter.   

  5. The PDF version of class 12th maths important questions is also provided here for you to practice before going for the main exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1. Students should start their preparation when the academic session starts. This will help you to finish your syllabus on time. Second thing to do is start practicing important questions provided on eSaral. These important questions cover all the significant topics and concepts of the chapter that helps you in last minute preparation.

Answer 2. A relation R in a set A is called a universal relation, if each element of A is related to every element of A.


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