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IIT JEE Motivation | Motivational Article and Video

IIT JEE Motivation | Motivational Article and Video
Hello all the JEE aspirants. Hope you are preparing well but do you need IIT JEE motivation ?? In this long journey, we always get this query from the students that they are losing their energy, interest and inspiration to study and feeling anxious. In this article we are addressing all the students who feel the same way and ask themselves again again the same question that most of the student ask us and their teachers that - "Will I be able to crack the exam or not ??" So if you are also having the same question of SELF DOUBT that will you be able to do it or not then read the complete article. Do you know that IIT JEE aspirants are in the phase of life which is considered to be the most dynamic than any other phase?

IT is "YOU"TH - The biggest motivation for JEE

Yes, You are the youth of the country and just think if you only feel this kind of self doubt and disappointment because of some small struggles then, ARE YOU RESPECTING YOUR YOUTH?? The biggest IIT JEE motivation is this only to feel the power of you and your youth. Swami Vivekananda, the dynamic personality whose birthday is celebrated as the YOUTH DAY, should be followed by the students of present age. His famous quote "Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached" is enough to motivate someone. MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE Just imagine that you need motivation for IIT JEE preparation, what about the people who has to face a lot more challenges in their life. Think if the scientists at ISRO also have this mentality that will they be able to develop new inventions or not or think if the first person who climbed mount Everest first time also thought like this then?? 

Stop Doubting Yourself

The thing is this self doubt don't let students come out from their comfort zone and they actually start to make explanations for not studying. Sometimes we as students don't understand the importance of getting up early in the morning. If we set an alarm and don't get up at the time, first it produces pleasure but actually you are making yourself guilty and this will run back of your mind all day. So just not give the explanations that why you can't or couldn't do it. You may have difficulties in life but don't give up and say you can't do it. Get up with zeal, enthusiasm and face all the challenges with bravery. The challenges only will hep us to develop in a better personality. Analyse and follow the mindsets of persons who have done it no matter what odds they had.

What You Should do From Today

So today we want you to pledge that in place of questioning yourself again and again that will you be able to do, you will say yourself that yes you are able to do and capable enough to do wonders. Just have faith in yourself. If nothing goes as according to your plans then also have the positive attitude and give your hundred percent as we all can do only our efforts. So say this to your self and take an oath that you will not stop till the goal is reached. We will repeatedly bring motivation in your IIT JEE journey and till then keep learning in simplified way with eSaral. For Complete JEE Preparation, Download the eSaral JEE App.    
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