JEE main 2020 paper analysis
JEE Main 2020 Paper Analysis | Discussion with Students

JEE MAIN 2020 Paper Analysis for 7th January SHIFT-1

Today on 7th January, the national level competition exam JEE MAIN was held across the nation and with the completion of the exam, there are many queries in the mind of aspirants. It is natural to feel a certain kind of anxiety after the exam like how others feel, the difficulty level of the exam and the expected cut-offs. Here, at eSaral we are providing you the first detailed analysis that is available to all the students. Watch the video to now about the questions’ level (according to eSaral students) and the topics wise questions from 11th and 12th standards. The physics faculty at eSaral, Saransh Gupta sir and chemistry faculty Prateek Gupta sir are doing the detailed analysis of the JEE MAIN QUESTION PAPER as per the reviews by the students of eSaral. In the video, the questions from each subject and the topics from where they were asked are explained using prepometer, the tool designed by the eSaral. In the discussion session the students of eSaral told about the questions and difficulty level and the question that they faced in the examination. JEE Main 2020 Paper Analysis for January 07th exam is updated here. Students are sharing their reviews of JEE Main Exam here. Watch out the complete video till the end to know in detail!
  Know the Number of questions asked per chapter: (Shift-1) – 7th Jan Download PDF

Watch the Reactions and Reviews of Students outside JEE Main Exam Center

  In physics, it is found that many of the questions were direct and formula based related to the memory of the candidate. There were approximately 10 questions form the class 11th syllabus out of 25 questions. Watch out the video if you want to know about the same kind of detailed analysis for chemistry and mathematics. You will also get some idea about specific questions and their solutions that were discussed in the analysis video. So from our analysis we found the overall exam as easy to moderate level. Only a few questions were placed in the difficult to very difficult category and it was found that the question were not much confusing. We have developed a PDF regarding the detailed analysis. Download the file and know about the exam. If you think that this time you could not attempt your best attempt then don’t worry we are going to start our BOUNCE BACK CRASH COURSE for the April month JEE MAIN exam. Enroll and ace the exam. The above PDF contains weightage of number of questions per chapter.  

JEE MAIN 2020 Paper Analysis for 7th January SHIFT-2

    Know the Number of questions asked per chapter: (Shift-2) 7th Jan Download PDF 

JEE MAIN 2020 Paper Analysis for 8th January SHIFT-1

(Shift-1) 8th Jan Download PDF 

JEE MAIN 2020 Paper Analysis for 8th January SHIFT-2

(Shift-2) 8th Jan Download PDF

JEE MAIN 2020 Paper Analysis for 9th January SHIFT-1

(Shift-1) 9th Jan Download PDF 

JEE MAIN 2020 Paper Analysis for 9th January SHIFT-2

(Shift-2) 9th Jan Download PDF   JEE Main 2020 Question Paper JEE Main question paper for January 07, 08, 09, 2020, for Shift 1 and Shift 2 are given below. Download or View from here!!!  
S. No.  JEE Main 2020 (January) Shifts Question Papers
1.        January 7, 2020 Shift-1 Download PDF
2.        January 7, 2020 Shift-2 Download PDF
3.        January 8, 2020 Shift-1 Download PDF
4.        January 8, 2020 Shift-2 Download PDF
5.        January 9, 2020 Shift-1 Download PDF
6.        January 9, 2020 Shift-2 Download PDF

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