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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English - Footprints without Feet

JEE Mains & Advanced

The Class 10 English Language and Literature Course includes a book called 'Footprints without Feet.' This book aims to improve students' reading skills. At the end of each chapter, there are different types of questions categorized as 'Talk about it' and 'Think about it.' With eSaral's CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 10, you can work on your reading and comprehension. You'll also find answers to all the questions in the textbook. All the exercises are available in PDF format, so you can easily download and study them whenever and wherever you want.

This supplementary reader has ten chapters, all of which are prose. Each chapter begins with questions labeled 'Read and Find Out,' divided into several sections, with relevant questions before each section. Word glosses are provided to help you understand the meaning of words in context. The questions under 'Think about it' go beyond simple factual comprehension and encourage you to think deeply about the issues raised in the text. They are thought-provoking and open-ended. The questions under 'Talk about it' prompt you to express your ideas clearly and creatively.

eSaral's NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Footprints without Feet are incredibly helpful. They offer detailed explanations and unique concepts that you won't find elsewhere. The solutions are prepared following the CBSE guidelines. You can use these solutions to frame your answers and score well in your exams.

The CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet solutions are available in a free PDF format for easy reference and download. You can access them on the go or print them out for your convenience.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet 

Here is the list of chapters that are included in NCERT Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet:

CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet - All Chapters

Chapter 1 - A Triumph of Surgery

Chapter 2 - The Thief's Story

Chapter 3 - The Midnight Visitor

Chapter 4 - A Question of Trust

Chapter 5 - Footprints without Feet

Chapter 6 - The Making of a Scientist

Chapter 7 - The Necklace

Chapter 8 - Bholi

Chapter 9 - The Book that Saved the Earth

Overview of Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet

Here is a brief overview of each chapter to understand the theme of each chapter to create better understanding:-

Chapter 1 - A Triumph of Surgery

James Alfred Wight, also known as James Herriot, was a British veterinary surgeon and writer. One of his stories is called "A Triumph of Surgery." The tale begins with Mrs. Pumphrey, a wealthy lady, taking her dog Tricky for a walk. The nearby veterinary doctor is astonished to see the dog, which looks like a bloated sausage with legs at each end. He advises Mrs. Pumphrey to stop overfeeding him, but she can't bring herself to refuse her beloved pet. Tricky eventually falls ill, and the doctor is called for help.

The narrator, Mr. Herriot, decides to take charge of Tricky's treatment, even though he knows Mrs. Pumphrey won't part with her dog. He brings Tricky to his hospital and arranges a bed for him. For the first two days, Tricky remains inactive and refuses to eat. But on the third day, he shows signs of improvement and wants to go outside. There, he starts playing with bigger dogs and even licks their bowls to eat the leftover food.

In this heartwarming story, Mr. Herriot's care and dedication help Tricky recover and enjoy life again, despite the challenges faced by Mrs. Pumphrey's attachment to her pampered pet. The story highlights the bond between humans and animals and the difference a caring veterinarian can make in the life of a pet.

Chapter 2 - The Thief's Story

Anil was a 25-year-old writer struggling to make a living from his writing. One day, he met Hari, who used his charm to impress Anil. Hari promised to teach Anil how to write better, do the math, and cook delicious food. They decided to live together happily.

However, one night, Hari noticed Anil hiding a bundle of notes under the mattress. Tempted by greed, he decided to steal the money and run away. After dinner, when Anil was asleep, Hari took the money and rushed to the railway station to catch a train to Lucknow. But he missed the train and got soaked in the rain. Feeling guilty for betraying Anil's trust, he returned to the room and put the money back under the pillow.

The next morning, Anil was unaware of what had happened, and he offered Hari Rs. 50, saying he had earned it and would pay him regularly. Hari noticed the note was still wet from the rain, realizing that Anil knew about his misdeed. However, surprisingly, Anil showed no sadness, anger, or guilt.

In this story, Hari learns a valuable lesson about honesty and trust. He realizes that his actions had consequences and that betraying someone's trust can lead to feelings of guilt and regret. Anil's forgiving nature teaches Hari the importance of being honest and true to others. It's a story of redemption and the power of forgiveness in transforming a person's life.

Chapter 3 - The Midnight Visitor

This story is about a clever secret agent named Ausable and his encounter with his writer friend, Fowler. They planned to spend time together in the evening. However, Fowler realized that Ausable was not what he had imagined. Ausable told Fowler that he had an important report that could change the country's future. They went to his room, but there they found another guy named Max with a gun. Max asked them to wait until the missile-related reports arrived.

This turned out to be an adventurous experience for Fowler, meeting a real secret agent. Ausable started telling a story about a hypothetical balcony below the window. Meanwhile, someone kept knocking on the door. Ausable said it was the police checking his room regularly. Max, pointing his gun at them, told Ausable to send the police away, or he would shoot them. As the doorknob turned loudly, Max jumped out of the window, and they heard a scream. But when the door opened, it was just a waiter delivering the wine Ausable had ordered. Fowler was surprised by the turn of events. He asked about the police and Max waiting on the balcony. Ausable revealed that there was no police, and there was no balcony outside the window.

Ausable's quick wit and clever storytelling made Max nervous, causing him to jump out of the window without realizing the truth. Unfortunately, Max's actions led to his demise. Ausable outsmarted Max and saved himself from a dangerous situation. The story showcases Ausable's intelligence and ability to handle tricky situations, making it a thrilling and entertaining tale.

Chapter 4 - A Question of Trust

Horace Danby was a 50-year-old unmarried locksmith, known for his success in the business. Despite being good and respectable, he had a dishonest side. He loved rare and expensive books, so once a year, he would plan and rob a safe to buy them secretly through an agent. He had carefully studied the house at Shotover Grange for two weeks before attempting the theft. On the day of the robbery, he sneaked into the house using a key he had taken from the kitchen door. He wore gloves and took precautions not to leave any fingerprints. However, while inside, he sneezed due to the fragrance of flowers and was surprised to hear a young lady's voice. The lady claimed to be the owner's wife and asked him to open the safe to get her jewels for a party. Danby, trusting her, opened the safe without gloves, and she took the jewels. He thought he had successfully escaped, but three days later, he was arrested by the police for the jewel robbery. His fingerprints were found at the scene, and he confessed to opening the safe for the young lady. However, she denied the story, and no one believed Danby's tale. He was arrested and became an assistant librarian in prison, where he still thought of the charming lady who had deceived him, leading him to doubt the saying 'honor among thieves.'

Chapter 5 - Footprints without Feet

This is an intriguing story about a scientist named Griffin who discovers a formula to become invisible. When he uses the formula, he can't be seen, but he can still be felt physically. Griffin goes on a series of adventures, accidentally leaving footprints that some young men follow until they fade away. He goes to a shopping center to keep warm and ends up stealing clothes to wear and food to eat.

However, being invisible becomes challenging, especially during the cold London winters. Griffin decides to take clothes and disguise himself with glasses, a fake nose, and a hat. He steals money from a shopkeeper and then moves to a village called Iping. In the village, he continues stealing from people to survive, and when the owners of the inn try to check his room, he scares them away by pretending to be a headless man.

As the villagers suspect supernatural activity, they call the town constable to investigate. Griffin becomes irritated and reveals himself as the invisible man, leaving the villagers unable to catch him. The story portrays Griffin's misadventures as an invisible man and the chaos he causes with his ability to vanish at will.

Chapter 6 - The Making of a Scientist

"The Making of a Scientist" is a story about a famous scientist named Richard Ebright. He was a curious kid right from the beginning of his life. He loved collecting butterflies, coins, fossils, and rocks. One day, his mother gave him a book called 'The Travel of Monarch X', which sparked his interest in science.

When Richard was in eighth grade, he decided to investigate the cause of a viral sickness that killed many monarch caterpillars each year. He thought it might be caused by beetles, so he raised caterpillars with beetles, but he was wrong. In the science fair, he later tested the theory that viceroy butterflies copy monarchs and won first prize in the zoology division and third prize in the country science fair.

In high school, Richard's research led him to discover an unknown insect hormone, which led to his new theory about cells. He also studied tiny golden spots on the back of monarch pupa, which won him first place in another science fair and a chance to work at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

As a high school student, Richard continued his experiments and identified the chemical structure of hormones. He came up with a new theory that cells can read the blueprint of their DNA, and this was published in a magazine. He did his graduation in honors from Havard University.

Apart from being a scientist, Richard had other interests like public speaking, debate, canoeing, and outdoor activities. He was competitive but always aimed to do his best. He posses all the qualities of a great scientists.

Chapter 7 - The Necklace

Once there lived a lady named Mathilde Loisel with her husband in a simple flat. Her husband worked as a clerk, and though they were not poor, they couldn't afford a luxurious life. But Mathilde had a strong desire to be rich. She dreamed of having a big house, beautiful dresses, and lots of jewelry, which made her sad.

One day, Mathilde's husband brought her an invitation to a fancy party. He thought she would be thrilled, but instead, she cried and complained about not having a pretty dress or jewelry for the occasion. Her kind husband gave her money meant for buying a rifle, so she could buy a dress.

The night of the party came, and Mathilde was anxious about not having any jewelry. Her husband suggested borrowing something from their friend, Jeanne Forestier. Mathilde borrowed a sparkling necklace from Jeanne and enjoyed the party, attracting everyone's attention.

However, on their way home, Mathilde realized she had lost the necklace. They searched everywhere, but it was gone. To replace it, they bought a similar one, costing a fortune. They had to borrow money and spent the next ten years repaying the debt. Their lives changed drastically, living in a smaller apartment and working hard to repay the money.

One day, Mathilde met Jeanne again and confessed the truth about the necklace. To her surprise, Jeanne revealed that the necklace was fake and worth much less than they had paid.

Mathilde's pursuit of wealth had caused them great hardship for a fake necklace, teaching them a valuable lesson about the importance of honesty and contentment with what they had.

Chapter 8 - Bholi

This is the story of a girl named Bholi, whose real name was Sulekha. She had some brain damage and used to stammer when she spoke. She also had smallpox, which left pock-marks on her face, making her look ugly. Because of her dullness and appearance, people made fun of her and called her Bholi, meaning a backward child. Bholi's father, Ramlal, had seven children, and she was the youngest. While her siblings were healthy and strong, Bholi faced challenges, and her parents worried about her future and marriage.

One day, the Tehsildar Sahib came to open a new school in the village and asked Ramlal to send Bholi to school. Her mother was initially hesitant, but she agreed. Bholi was scared at first, but when she was given proper care, good clothes, and saw girls her age, she felt happier. However, when she stammered while introducing herself in class, the other girls laughed, which made her very sad. But the kind-hearted teacher encouraged her to overcome her stammering with regular attendance, giving her hope and a new sense of life.

As time passed, the village became a town, and the small school grew into a high school. Bholi received a marriage proposal from an older man, but she refused to marry him, as he was greedy and demanded a dowry. She surprised everyone by speaking fluently without stammering and stood up for herself. She decided to stay with her parents and promised to take care of them in their old age. She also pledged to become a teacher at the same school that had given her so much and taught her to believe in herself.

Chapter 9 - The Book that Saved the Earth

The play's story takes place in the twentieth century and features imaginary characters with strange names like Chief Think Tank, Noodle, Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota, and Sargent Oop.With big head Chief Think Tank thinks himselfs as the smartest Maritians. He was curious about the people on Earth who they called “Earthlings”. He wants to go on Earth with is team.

In the next scene, they find themselves in a library filled with books but can't understand anything. Think Tank tries to show off his intelligence by saying the books are sandwiches, thinking that Earthlings must store them there. Sargent Oop even eats a piece of a book to check if it's true, but it tastes terrible, and they realize it's not food.

Noodle suggests the books might be used for communication through ears or eyes, but they still can't figure it out. Noodle then proposes that they take vitamin pills from the chemical department to increase their intelligence. They read nursery rhymes literally and get into trouble. Think Tank believes Earthlings have identified him as Humpty Dumpty, and they decide to abandon their invasion plan.

In the end, a dusty book of rhymes saves them from a Martian invasion.

How To Score High In English (Footprints Without Feet) In The Class 10th Board Examination?

English is an important subject that can help improve your overall grades and cover other subjects too. Students must recognize the significance of this language and aim to do well by getting good marks. Don't worry about past performances; everyone starts with a clean slate in board exams. Even the best students may get low grades in English, while weaker students can excel. So, don't feel you're not as good as your peers.

Here are some tips to score well in the English exam:

  1. Understand the lessons and characters: Read the lessons carefully to grasp the story's theme and characters. This will help you remember the plot and answer questions better.

  2. Remember character names: To avoid confusion, associate character names with the story's outline.

  3. Plan your answers: Answer long questions first to manage time better and unleash your creativity in creative writing sections.

  4. Check for grammar: Carefully read through your answers to spot and correct grammatical errors.

  5. Follow formats: Pay attention to the proper formats for letters, articles, and other written pieces to earn the desired marks.

  6. Read and write regularly: Reading is essential for the English exam, as it improves your writing skills and understanding.

  7. English papers offer a chance to showcase creativity and boost your grades. But beware of silly mistakes that can impact your performance.

  8. Remember, English is an interesting subject that lets you express your perspectives on various topics. With focus and practice, you can excel and make the most of this subject to enhance your academic journey.

What are the Benefits of Class 10 NCERT English Footprints Without Feet Book Answers?

In Class 10 NCERT English Footprint, having complete study material is crucial, including exercise solutions for all chapters. We have compiled these solutions separately for each chapter, making it easy for you to find and download them whenever you need them. Once you have these files, you can use them during your study sessions without waiting to get your doubts resolved. Having the 10th English Footprints Without Feet Solutions at your fingertips makes your study sessions more productive.

Whenever you face doubts based on the questions, you can refer to the solutions and find the answers on your own. This helps you use your study time more efficiently and boosts your understanding of the subject. Moreover, you get to learn how experts have solved the questions following the prescribed CBSE formats and guidelines. This not only leads to brilliant progress in your studies but also teaches you how to answer similar questions effectively to score higher in the final exam.

Having access to these solutions empowers you to tackle any challenging question with confidence. You can practice and improve your skills by comparing your answers with expert explanations. Understanding the methods used by experts will enhance your problem-solving abilities, making you more self-reliant in your studies.

By utilizing the Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Solutions, you can approach your exams with greater preparedness. You'll be well-versed in the concepts and confident in your knowledge, giving you a higher chance of performing well and achieving excellent results.

Remember, these solutions are valuable tools to aid your academic journey. So, make the most of them and make your learning experience enjoyable and successful.

Write down some key features of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet.

The Class 10 English Footprint Without Feet solutions have some key features that make them beneficial for students. Firstly, these solutions are designed by experts using simple language, ensuring that students can easily grasp the topics and concepts.

Secondly, the English NCERT Class 10 Footprints Without Feet solutions are aligned with the latest CBSE curriculum for Class 10. This means that the content is up-to-date and follows the prescribed syllabus, helping students stay on track with their studies.

Moreover, NCERT Solutions are a valuable resource for preparing for board exams efficiently. By using these solutions, students can have a better understanding of the subject and be well-prepared for their exams.

By going through the NCERT Solutions of Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet, students can learn the correct approach to writing answers. This helps them gain confidence and perform better in the exams, leading to good marks.

Overall, the Class 10 English Footprint Without Feet solutions are a reliable and effective tool for students to excel in their English studies and perform well in the board exams. With the guidance of these solutions, students can enhance their learning experience and achieve academic success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Summary of the first chapter of the book Footprints Without Feet?

Answer 1: It's about Mrs. Pumphrey, a rich lady, and her dog Tricky. The dog was overweight due to overeating. The vet advised Mrs. Pumphrey to stop overfeeding, but she couldn't say no to her beloved pet. Tricky got sick, and the vet took charge of his treatment, even though Mrs. Pumphrey didn't want to part with him. Tricky started getting better under the vet's care, playing with other dogs and enjoying life. The story shows the strong bond between humans and animals and the difference a caring vet can make.

Question 2: For preparing for class 10th board exams NCERT Solutions for English- Footprints Without Feet by eSaral are reliable?

Answer 2: Yes, NCERT Solutions for English- Footprints Without Feet by eSaral are conceptualized and presented in easy and simple language making them understandable. Students can find lots of exercise questions to retain the learnings.


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