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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 1 Exercise 1.1 Real Numbers - PDF Download

Class 10

NCERT solutions for class 10 maths chapter 1 Real numbers exercise 1.1 is available on eSaral. Our academic team of eSaral have prepared NCERT solutions for ex 1.1 class 10 maths ch 1 to assist students in their class 10 exam preparation. They also emphasize the preparation of ex 1.1 class 10 maths chapter 1 in a manner that is comprehensible to students. 

NCERT solutions for class 10 maths chapter 1 ex 1.1 addresses the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, which states that all composite numbers can be factorized as a product of prime and that factorization of each prime is unique irrespective of the order of the prime factors. In exercise 1.1 students will also gain insight into the concepts of HCF and LCM. Questions in this ex 1.1 relate to finding properties of numbers based on the algorithm. This exercise also discusses the subject of finding HCFs of positive integers by division lemma. NCERT solutions class 10 maths chapter 1 ex 1.1 is composed of seven questions. 

Get NCERT chapter 1 ex 1.1class 10 maths solutions for free from eSaral. It is prepared by experienced teachers and you can download it for free.

Topics Covered in Exercise 1.1 Class 10 Mathematics Questions

NCERT solutions for class 10 maths chapter 1 Real Number ex 1.1 is concerned with some of the important topics, their properties and theorem mentioned below.


Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic


Euclid’s Division Lemma

1. Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic - students will find that each prime number has its own way of being expressed as a prime number. This property of prime numbers is known as the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. 

Basically, if an integer is greater than 1, it's either a prime number or it can be represented as a prime. All numbers can be represented as the product of their prime factors.

2. Euclid’s Division Lemma - Euclid's Division Lemma states that if we have two positive integers a and b, there exists a unique integer q and r that satisfies the condition that a = bq+r where (0 ≤ r < b).

Euclid's division algorithm is based on the Euclid's division lemma. We can use Euclid's division algorithm to figure out the HCF of 2 positive integers, a and b.

Theorem 1.1 Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic - Every composite number can be expressed (factorized) as a product of primes, and this factorisation is unique, apart from the order in which the prime factors occur.

Tips for Solving Exercise 1.1 Class 10 Chapter 1 Real Numbers

Here, we have provided the important tips for solving ex 1.1 of class 10 chapter 1 Real Numbers.

  1. NCERT solutions class 10 maths chapter 1 ex 1.1 will provide students with an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of HCF and LCM. The majority of the questions presented are relatively simple and require a student to have exceptional calculation skills in order to reduce errors and enhance accuracy.

  2. NCERT solutions class 10 maths chapter 1 Ex 1.1 provides students easy to comprehend methods to gain in-depth understanding of the fundamental theorem of arithmetic.

  3. The questions in ex 1.1will assist the students in comprehending the implications of Euclid's division lemma with step by step methods.

Importance of Solving Ex 1.1 Class 10 Maths Chapter 1 Real Number 

The importance of NCERT solutions for class 10 maths chapter 1 Ex 1.1 is highlighted here.

  1. NCERT solutions are widely considered to be the most effective solution to class 10 math chapter 1 ex 1.1.

  2. All important exam-relevant questions are included in NCERT class 10 maths chapter 1 exercise 1.1 and you can get straightforward solutions for all the questions.

  3. The fundamental concepts outlined in this chapter are the introduction to the concept of real numbers and the Euclid's Division Lemma, as well as the Euclid’s Division Algorithm. These fundamental concepts are explained in NCERT solutions of chapter 1 exercise 1.1. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What topics and concepts does chapter 1 ex 1.1 discuss in NCERT solutions class 10 ?

Answer 1. Class 10 maths is starting with the first exercise in Chapter 1 - Real Numbers. You first learned about real numbers in class 9, and now you will learn more about them in class 10. You are also learning about Euclid's Division Algorithm, which is based on the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. Euclid's division algorithm shows that any positive integer can be divided by any other positive integer b, so the remainder is less than b. 

Question 2. What are the benefits associated with the NCERT solutions for class 10 maths chapter1 ex 1.1 ?

Answer 2. NCERT solutions for class 10 chapter 1 ex 1.1 questions are intended to provide a deeper understanding of the topics and concepts discussed in ex 1.1. Additionally, these questions are useful from an examination perspective.



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