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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English

JEE Mains & Advanced

eSaral's NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English offer comprehensive answers to all the questions found in the main textbook, Beehive, as well as the supplementary reader Moments. These solutions are crafted to aid students in confidently preparing for their exams. Our team of high experts has taken care to present the solutions in a simple and understandable language, ensuring that students can grasp the concepts without any difficulty.

Our subject-matter experts have painstakingly designed these NCERT English Solutions to provide students with the most reliable and accurate answers. In today's competitive era, students must equip themselves with the best resources available. To facilitate effective learning, we are pleased to provide Class 9 students with these NCERT Solutions, which can serve as a trustworthy reference during their preparation journey.

English holds immense allure as a subject. It serves as a universal language, fostering connections across countries and continents. This underscores the importance of dedicating more attention to mastering this language. Within our platform, we have meticulously structured NCERT Solutions to assist students in understanding how to construct their responses, thereby enhancing their chances of scoring well in examinations.

The provided NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English are not only well-structured but also offer valuable insights into the appropriate approach to answering questions. By comprehending the method of framing answers, students can confidently tackle exams. For added convenience, these NCERT English Solutions can be downloaded in printable PDF format without cost. The download links are readily accessible, enabling students to access these resources effortlessly.

In conclusion, eSaral's NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English stand as a comprehensive aid for students, fostering better understanding and preparation. With user-friendly language and expert guidance, these solutions empower students to excel in their English examinations.

NCERT Solutions of Class 9 English

Below is the list of chapters that are contained in NCERT Solutions of Class 9 English Beehive textbook with the link for free PDF download:

Beehive Textbook Solutions

At eSaral, Class 9 students have a fantastic opportunity to become masters of the English language with the help of our NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive. These solutions are designed to make learning engaging and effective. The questions that appear in the textbook are skillfully solved within these resources, aiming to enhance students' grasp of the language.

Our dedicated team of teachers has meticulously crafted these solutions to serve a dual purpose: strengthening vocabulary and boosting exam performance. By following these solutions, students can expect to see an improvement in their language skills, and they'll also be better prepared to achieve high marks in their exams.

The importance of English as a language cannot be overstated. It holds a significant place across various fields, making fluency in English essential for students' future endeavors. With our NCERT Solutions, students can work towards not only understanding the language but also communicating effectively in it.

The linguistic concepts covered in the curriculum are explained comprehensively in our solutions. We understand that grasping these themes can sometimes be challenging, which is why we've taken care to present them in a manner that is easy to understand. This approach helps students not only learn the concepts but also to remember and apply them.

By engaging with eSaral's NCERT Solutions, Class 9 students can expect to embark on a rewarding journey toward language mastery. These solutions provide a solid foundation for improving language skills and excelling in exams. As students navigate through the intricacies of the English language with our user-friendly resources, they're sure to gain confidence and competence in their linguistic abilities.

Chapter 1

The Fun They Had
Poem: The Road Not Taken

Chapter 2

The Sound of Music

Poem: Wind

Chapter 3

The Little Girl

Poem: Rain on the Roof

Chapter 4

A Truly Beautiful Mind

Poem: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Chapter 5

The Snake and the Mirror

Poem: A Legend of the Northland

Chapter 6

My Childhood

Poem: No Men Are Foreign

Chapter 7

Reach for the Top

Poem: On Killing a Tree

Chapter 8


Poem: A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

Chapter 9

If I Were You

The following chapters are removed from the syllabus of NCERT Class 9 English Beehive textbook 2023-24.

Chapter 7


Poem: The Duck and the Kangaroo

Chapter 9

The Bond of Love

Poem: The Snake Trying

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Supplementary Reader

The NCERT Solutions designed for Class 9 English Moments are a valuable resource that aids students in gaining a deeper understanding of the chapters, particularly regarding exams. These solutions offer a clear insight into the core principles of English communication, laying a strong foundation for their future studies. The benefits extend beyond the present, preparing students for higher levels of education where English plays a crucial role.

Within the supplementary textbook, students will find 10 chapters, each carrying its significant meaning. These chapters are crafted to simplify the learning process, ensuring that students can grasp the content with ease. The intention behind these solutions is to establish a solid groundwork for the upcoming board exams, as well as for more intricate subjects that students will encounter later on.

By providing these solutions, our primary objective is to empower students to excel in their board exams. A strong performance in these crucial exams is pivotal for a successful academic journey. Not only do the solutions contribute to exam success, but they also pave the way for a deeper understanding of the subjects at hand.

As students engage with the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments, they not only enhance their performance in exams but also improve their overall academic performance. This positive impact carries forward, supporting them in reaching their desired career aspirations. These solutions act as stepping stones, guiding students toward a path of accomplishment and growth.

In conclusion, the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments are a powerful tool that aids students in comprehending the chapters thoroughly. By nurturing a strong grasp of fundamental English principles, these solutions contribute to students' success in both their immediate exams and their broader educational journey. The knowledge gained from these solutions equips students to navigate higher education with confidence and competence.

Here is the list of chapters contained in the CBSE Class 10 English textbook Moments Supplementary Reader:

Chapter 1 – The Lost Child

Chapter 6 – Weathering the Storm in Ersama

Chapter 2 – The Adventures of Toto

Chapter 7 – The Last Leaf

Chapter 3 – Iswaran the Storyteller

Chapter 8 – A House Is Not a Home

Chapter 4 – In the Kingdom of Fools

Chapter 9 – The Beggar

Chapter 5 – The Happy Prince


List of the chapters removed from the syllabus 2023-24

The Accidental Tourist

NCERT Class 9 English Workbook Words and Expressions 

The prime goal of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English is to provide students with precise and reliable answers as they prepare for their exams. Every question found in the NCERT Textbook is addressed concisely, aligning closely with the CBSE syllabus. This resource stands as the ultimate point of reference for students as they navigate through the textbook's chapters. It facilitates comprehension and guides students on how to approach questions and assess areas where they might need improvement from an exam perspective.

These solutions, expertly crafted by subject specialists, hold the key to formulating appropriate answers for a range of questions that might appear on the exam. Beyond just answering questions, they empower students to become skilled in framing responses effectively.

Further enriching the learning experience, the Words, and Expressions 1 workbook complements the Beehive textbook for Class 9 English. This workbook serves as an extension of the textbook, aiming to enhance language skills within the context of the material. Through the provided passages and activities, learners are exposed to a broader range of language functions, which are crucial for effective communication. Moreover, the workbook encourages students to engage in critical thinking about current issues, promoting well-rounded development.

The grammar activities integrated into everyday situations not only make the learning process practical but also relatable. By using familiar contexts, the workbook encourages students to grasp grammatical concepts more intuitively and apply them naturally.

This workbook, in essence, serves as a foundation for revisiting and reinforcing language learning. As students work through its exercises and activities, they build upon their language skills, gaining confidence and competence. This holistic approach to language learning equips them not only for exams but also for real-world communication scenarios.

In conclusion, NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English offers accurate and dependable answers, aiding students in their exam preparations. The accompanying workbook, Words, and Expressions 1, bridges the Beehive textbook, fostering language skills and critical thinking. Both resources combined offer a comprehensive learning experience that prepares students not only for exams but also for effective communication in various contexts.

Here is the list of chapters included in the NCERT Class 9 English textbook- Workbook Words and Expressions 1:

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 1

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 2

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 3

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 4

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 5

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 6

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 7

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 8

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 9

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 10

Class 9 English Workbook Unit 11

Weightage Marks for CBSE Class 9 English (2023-24)


Weightage (In Marks)



Writing and Grammar






Internal Assessment


Grand Total


Benefits of Studying Class 9th NCERT Book and Solving All Questions?

NCERT Solutions for Class 9th English have proven to be highly advantageous for students, especially during their exams. These solutions offer a range of benefits that contribute to student's academic growth and exam success:

Firstly, these solutions play a vital role in solidifying students' foundational understanding of the subject. By addressing various concepts and questions, students can strengthen their grasp of the core principles.

Furthermore, the solutions shed light on the question patterns commonly seen in exams. This allows students to familiarize themselves with the types of questions that might appear, helping them approach their exams with more confidence and strategic preparation.

A significant advantage is the enhancement of students' answering abilities. Through the solutions, students gain insight into the art of formulating well-structured and informative responses.

The solutions also delve deep into each topic and concept present in the textbook, facilitating a comprehensive and profound understanding. This knowledge not only aids in exams but also lays the groundwork for a broader understanding of English.

A unique aspect is introducing new words and their applications in the chapters. As students engage with these solutions, they expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills, thereby enhancing their overall linguistic abilities.

These solutions also foster improved communication skills, whether in speech or writing. By engaging with the content, students refine their ability to express themselves effectively in English.

A critical feature is the preparation for both present and future exams. Beyond just addressing existing questions, these solutions equip students with the skills to approach new questions confidently. Students learn how to structure their responses based on allocated marks, showcasing their knowledge effectively.

The solutions serve as a confidence booster, empowering students to face exams with a sense of self-assurance.

It's important to note that these solutions are meticulously crafted by experienced teachers, who bring their years of expertise to create content that is insightful and easy to comprehend.

Lastly, the solutions align seamlessly with the CBSE syllabus pattern, ensuring that students are well-prepared following the curriculum's requirements.

In summary, NCERT Solutions for Class 9th English offers numerous advantages that encompass improved fundamentals, question pattern familiarity, enhanced answering skills, more profound understanding of topics, vocabulary expansion, better communication abilities, exam readiness, increased confidence, and expert guidance. These solutions are not only valuable tools during exams but also contribute to overall language development and academic success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- Most reliable site for students to study NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English?

Answer 1- If you're a Class 9 student and need help with NCERT Class 9 English, just go to the eSaral website. There, you'll find easy-to-follow answers to all the questions in your NCERT textbook. So, make sure you understand all the topics in your syllabus. It's important!

Question 2- No. of books in Class 9 CBSE English books?

Answer 2- Beehive and Supplementary Reader Moments are the two textbooks.



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