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NEET 2024 Result Scam, Paper Leak, Unfair Grace Marks, Irregularities And NTA Clarification

NEET 2024 Result Scam, Paper Leak, Unfair Grace Marks, Irregularities And NTA Clarification

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has clarified that candidates who reported losing time during the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test Undergraduate (NEET UG 2024) were awarded grace marks. As a result, 67 candidates achieved NEET AIR 1 with a 99.997129 percentile score. The NEET results for 2024 were announced yesterday on the official website, This move aimed to ensure fairness and address concerns raised by the affected candidates. The NTA's decision highlights its commitment to maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the examination process, providing equal opportunities for all test-takers.

Is NEET 2024 Result Scam For Students?

The NEET UG 2024 results have sparked intense discussions and concerns among students and educators. Allegations of cheating, question paper leaks, and unusual scoring patterns have led to questions about the integrity of the NEET 2024 exam. Many students and parents are worried that these issues might have affected the fairness of the results. Despite the National Testing Agency’s (NTA) efforts to reassure everyone, doubts about the credibility of the NEET 2024 results remain.

The NTA has stated that they took all necessary precautions to conduct the exam fairly and securely. They have also mentioned that any issues raised are being thoroughly investigated. However, the widespread sharing of scorecards showing unusually high marks and the reports of cheating have made many people skeptical.

Educators and students call for a more transparent investigation to address these concerns. They believe that ensuring the integrity of the exam is crucial for maintaining trust in the system. Some have even suggested that the NTA should implement more rigorous security measures for future exams to prevent such issues.

In response, the NTA has promised to review its processes and take additional steps to enhance the exam's security. They aim to ensure that all candidates have an equal and fair opportunity to succeed in such important tests.

NEET 2024 Result Scam - Claims in Support

  • Providing Grace Marks:

The National Testing Agency (NTA) received several complaints and court cases from NEET (UG) 2024 candidates about losing time during the exam on May 5, 2024. These concerns were carefully reviewed by the NTA. To address the issue, they applied a normalization formula approved by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in a judgment dated June 13, 2018. This formula was used to compensate for the lost time and ensure fairness for all candidates. By implementing this method, the NTA aimed to make sure that no student was unfairly disadvantaged due to the time lost during the examination.

  • NEET Cheating Scam 2024:

Additionally, a serious issue has arisen involving an alleged cheating scam. Parshuram Roy, owner of a foreign education consultancy, and Tushar Bhatt, a school teacher, along with at least 16 students from Gujarat, have been accused of fraud. These individuals allegedly paid Rs 10 lakh each to fraudulently pass the NEET exam.

This scam has severely undermined the integrity of the NEET UG 2024 results. The involvement of educational professionals and the large sums of money involved have raised serious concerns about the possibility of widespread cheating and corruption. Such incidents highlight the need for stricter security measures and transparent investigations to maintain trust in the examination system.

  • NTA denied the paper leak information:

Amid these controversies, the NTA has firmly denied any reports of question paper leaks for NEET UG 2024. The agency has dismissed claims circulating on social media about compromised exam papers as baseless. According to the NTA, these rumors are unfounded, and the examination process remains secure and fair.

The NTA has emphasized that they implemented stringent security measures to ensure the integrity of the exam. They have assured students and parents that every possible step was taken to prevent any breaches in the examination process. Despite these reassurances, the spread of false information on social media has caused confusion and anxiety among candidates.

In response to the allegations, the NTA conducted a thorough investigation and found no evidence supporting the claims of a question paper leak. They have urged students and the public not to believe unverified reports and to rely on official announcements.

The agency is committed to maintaining transparency and fairness in the examination process. They are also working on further strengthening their security protocols to prevent such rumors in the future. By addressing these concerns directly, the NTA aims to rebuild trust and ensure that the NEET UG exams are conducted smoothly and fairly for all candidates.

  • Unusual Series in NEET 2024 Results:

Adding to the controversy are reports that 6-7 students from the same examination center in Haryana achieved identical marks and percentiles, with their roll numbers appearing in the same series. This unusual pattern has led to speculation about a coordinated cheating effort or a breach in the NEET 2024 exam process. Many are concerned that such irregularities indicate deeper issues with exam security. These suspicions have fueled calls for a thorough investigation to determine if there was any wrongdoing. The situation has increased anxiety among students and parents, who are already worried about the fairness of the NEET results.

Tie-Breaking Criteria Adopted by the NTA Created the Impact on the Results of Students

  1. The candidate with higher marks or percentile in Biology (Botany & Zoology) gets preference.

  2. If still tied, the candidate with higher marks or percentile in Chemistry is preferred.

  3. If still tied, the candidate with higher marks or percentile in Physics is preferred.

  4. If still tied, the candidate with fewer incorrect answers compared to correct answers across all subjects is preferred.

  5. If still tied, the candidate with fewer incorrect answers in Biology (Botany & Zoology) is preferred.

  6. If still tied, the candidate with fewer incorrect answers in Chemistry is preferred.

  7. If still tied, the candidate with fewer incorrect answers in Physics is preferred.

  8. If still tied, the candidate with the earlier application number is preferred.

Clarification given by the NTA for NEET 2024 Result Scam

The NTA hasn't fully addressed the many claims and worries about the NEET 2024 results. They briefly acknowledged on social media that they got lots of complaints and court cases from candidates who said they lost exam time on May 5, 2024. The NTA said they used the normalization formula, as approved by the Honorable Apex Court, to deal with this issue. This formula lets them give grace marks, so some students end up with scores of 718 or 719. However, many people still have questions and concerns about the fairness and accuracy of the exam results.

As per the latest reports, NTA has clarified that it has followed the formula used in CLAT 2018 to provide grace marks for students. However, in the year 2018 grace marks are allowed in the CLAT examination according to the parameters laid down by the honorable Supreme Court. These are, a server down, and students are not able to see the questions onscreen, due to technical glitches, due to change of mouse or the whole system, and a failure to login, These parameters are suitable for online exams but these parameters don't fit into the scenario of offline exams conducted by the NTA for allowing grace marks. It is unacceptable to the students and their parents. They have decided to move to the honorable Supreme Court and file an appeal.

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