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NEET 2024 Important questions PDF Download

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NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is necessary to qualify if one wants to get admission to medical undergraduate courses. As we all know that the NEET has a common syllabus from Classes 11 and 12 under the CBSE curriculum. 

Any student who wants to become a doctor needs to appear for the NEET examination 2024 as he/she can get admission to the medical college as per the ranks. It is very crucial to know about the questions of NEET as most students fail to crack the exam due to a lack of knowledge. To get a total catch on the question paper easily, one should go through the whole syllabus of the exam and note down the chapters covered for each subject in the examination. 

ON this platform, NEET 2024 Important Questions are presented for the NEET aspirants 2024. The set of Important questions presented in this article is focused on delivering all the important questions and answers of all the subjects to the NEET 2024 aspirants so that they can practise and further perform well in their exams. From the updated NEET syllabus, NEET sample papers to important questions, this online learning platform has all. You can also download the free PDF of important questions and start solving them.

The NEET paper has a total of 200 questions from Chemistry, Physics, and Biology (Botany and Zoology). The number of total questions in the NEET 2024 exam is 200 but aspirants have to attempt only 180 questions. The physics and chemistry part of the question paper feature 45 questions each, while the biology part will have 90 questions, divided between Botany and Zoology.

NTA will provide the 2023 NEET Questions with their solutions on the official website after the examination is over. In addition to this, NTA will also issue the NEET OMR sheet, which will show the answers applicants marked in the test.

Subjects-wise Important Question For NEET 

To help aspiring medical students in their journey towards success, we provide Subject-wise NEET Important Questions 2024. The table below highlights the links to the most important questions from each subject - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology - enabling students to streamline their revision process and enhance their readiness for the NEET examination. 

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Do you feel shy asking questions in a class full of students? In that case, you are not alone. Thousands of students feel conscious in asking questions in front of class. Here, online coaching, such as eSaral, is a boon. 

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eSaral  is a well-known online educational platform offering assistance in multiple ways. One of the best reasons why students choose eSaral for NEET is its budget-friendly approach. You can’t really concentrate on studying and getting top ranks if you are constantly thinking of the massive amount that is being invested. 

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How To Prepare For NEET Exams?

In a competitive examination of this magnitude, self-preparation may not be sufficient; aspirants must prepare to the best of their abilities. Moreover, it is a single-level admission test held by NTA for all the MBBS and BDS seats. Therefore, aspirants can examine the following tips provided  by eSaral, to assist them in cracking NEET and performing at their best on exam day:

  • To prepare for the country’s most rigorous medical admission exam, students must be self-motivated. Therefore, regardless of anyone’s interest in a particular subject, each section should be given appropriate attention.

  • Physics is most often considered as the most challenging topic, and many of the student choose to avoid it. However, it is very important to remember that subjects like Physics can be mastered with enough practice and conceptual understanding of the fundamental principles and formula.

  • Aspirants must thoroughly review the NEET-UG 2024 curriculum and exam pattern, since repeatedly reviewing the syllabus and the exam pattern will lead to a waste of time. Therefore, you need to have a well-planned timetable to understand the NEET syllabus, test format, and best reference books.

  • However the study plan provided by coaching facilities may be demanding, it is very essential to note that self-study is also an important part of clearing NEET 2024. Therefore, you should strive for a combination of coaching and self-study.

  • Continuously solving NEET Mock tests lets a student know about their weak points, and then gives them the opportunity to prepare themselves accordingly. 

  • Coaching institutes are training students in large numbers and may ignore weak points. However, it is then the duty of the student to not let such points go, and instead try to work on them as soon as they can. 

  • Aspirants who wish to play their A-game at the exam center should plan their time accordingly, to ensure they have everything they require. Based on the rules and requirements, students are advised to list the documents that students will need to carry.

  • To ensure there are no difficulties on the exam day, plan your route and travel time at least a day before  of the exam date. 

  • As there are 180 questions in the NEET exam, time management is crucial. Hence, you must make plans for the question paper, such as how they’ll solve it and how much time they’ll devote to each section. 

  • Esaral website has a comprehensive collection of NEET questions, which prove to be extremely helpful.

Benefits of NEET Notes For Success In Exams

We provide an extensive collection of important questions for students preparing for NEET 2023 The following are some of the benefits of solving the NEET question bank for the 2023 exam:

  • NEET past year papers and other NEET reference books contain various questions. There are varying degrees of difficulty levels of these questions as in simple, medium, and challenging. Solving these questions will help you gain a good understanding of the nature of questions that would be asked in actual NEET exams.

  • eSaral also provides important questions for NEET preparation. These prove to help students as our subject experts have developed step-by-step solutions for these important questions.

  • While solving these questions, you can track how much time you spend on each question and this will help them improve their time management skills while solving questions during the actual NEET exam.



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