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NEET 2024 Merit List, All India Quota Rank List - PDF

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NEET 2024 Merit List 

NEET Merit List is the list having the names, NEET scores, and ranks of the candidates eligible for the counselling process. The MCC and state authorities release NEET Merit List PDF on their respective official websites. As we all know that NEET Merit List 2024 will be released by NTA based on NEET 2024 score for candidates who opt for 15% AIQ seats. The Merit list for NEET 2024 will then be sent to DGHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for providing the same to MCC for conducting 15% AIQ NEET Counseling. Based on the ranks and scores obtained in NEET 2024, MCC will allot seats through NEET Counselling. 

As per the revised Inter-se NEET Merit List Tie Breaker Criteria for assigning ranks, age limit will not affect the rank.  

Initially, the authorities release the provisional merit lists based on which candidates participate in the admission process. After each round of counselling concludes, the final NEET allotment lists are released that contain the name of the candidates, rank of candidates, and the name of the allotted college against that rank. 

NEET Rank List 2024 PDF

National Testing Agency (NTA) will publish the All India Merit List for NEET UG 2024 on their official website, Aspirants whose names appear on the NEET UG 2024 merit list PDF will be eligible for the counselling sessions. This merit list will contain each candidate’s roll number, qualifying status, All India Rank, and marks obtained. The table given below organizes the updates for various rounds of AIQ (All India Quota) counselling and their respective merit lists for NEET UG 2024:

NEET Rank List 2024 PDF


NEET Rank List 2024 PDF

AIQ Counselling NEET Round 1 Merit List

Updating Soon!

AIQ Counselling NEET Round 2 Merit List

Updating Soon!

AIQ Counselling NEET Mop-Up Round Merit List

Updating Soon!

AIQ Counselling NEET Stray Vacancy Round Merit List

Updating Soon!

NEET 2024 merit list dates



NEET result 2024 declaration date

June 4, 2024

Counselling - Round 1 (AIQ and Deemed/Central) allotment list provisional

To be announced

Counselling - Round 1 (AIQ and Deemed/Central) allotment list final

To be announced

Counselling - Round 2 (AIQ and Deemed/Central) allotment list

To be announced

Counselling - Mop-up round (Deemed/Central Universities/ESIC/AFMC) allotment list

To be announced

Steps to Download NEET Merit List 2024?

The NEET 2024 rank list will be accessible on Based on this list, all candidates who qualify will proceed to the counselling rounds. NEET Merit List 2024 includes information like All India Rank (AIR), qualifying status, and NEET scores. To download the NEET Merit List 2024, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official NEET website –

Step 2: Navigate to the public notices/news & events section.

Step 3: Click on the document titled “NEET merit list 2024/ NEET rank list 2024.”

Step 4: Use Ctrl+F to search for your NEET roll number.

Step 5: Verify your qualifying status, All India Rank, and NEET scores on the official merit list.

Step 6: Print out the NEET Merit List 2024.

Step 7: Prepare for the NEET 2024 Counselling Rounds.

NEET Merit List 2024 All India Rank

All India NEET UG merit list 2024 is a record containing the names of all candidates in the NEET 2024 entrance exam. NEET Merit List 2024 All India Rank shows the rankings of each participant, regardless of whether they passed or their home state.

AIQ NEET Merit List 2024 for Non-Jammu & Kashmir Candidates: This list has candidates outside Jammu & Kashmir who passed NEET 2024. Jammu & Kashmir residents who submitted the required form during the application process are also listed in this merit list. Those who did not submit this form are not in the AIQ NEET 2024 merit list.

Aspirants on the AIQ NEET 2024 merit list will be counselled by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), not the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC).

NEET Merit List 2024 State Wise Rank

In NEET 2024, candidates are assigned All India Ranks based on their performance in the exam. State counselling authorities then use these ranks to prepare separate merit lists for each state and these lists determine the admission process for medical courses.

The allocation of a NEET state merit rank to a candidate depends on many factors, including their eligibility as per domicile requirements and many more. These considerations collectively determine which students make it to the final merit list for NEET counselling.

If you are eligible according to your state’s criteria but do not initially appear on the state’s merit list can still apply for NEET counselling 2024 by filling out the state-specific application form. Once submitted, the state will release a NEET state merit list 2024 comprising eligible candidates who can proceed with the counselling process.

The NEET UG state merit list 2024 provides information on individuals' qualifying status in relation to other applicants from the same state by rating them inside their respective states.

NEET 2024 counselling is conducted by each state and union territory on the basis of the All India Ranks of the applicants. The following are the main criteria that determine whether states make these merit lists: 

  1. State/Union Territory of Examination: This considers where the candidate took the NEET UG 2024 exam.
  2. State/Union Territory of 12th Completion: This refers to the state or union territory where the candidate completed their 12th grade education, as stated in their NEET 2024 application form.

NEET Merit List 2024 For 15% All India Quota (AIQ)

Three different NEET 2024 merit lists are released by the National Testing Agency (NTA), one of which is reserved especially for the 15% of seats available under the All India Quota. Applicants can be considered for this category if they match the 2024 cutoff criterion. 

For applicants hoping to get seats under the All India Quota, the NEET 2024 counselling procedure and admission rounds are essential. The procedure is supervised by the National Testing Agency, which also mandates that applicants submit a self-declaration form. These applicants' eligibility for admission will be determined by their All India Quota rank, which will be the only factor considered during NEET 2024 Counseling. 

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the Government of India receive the AIQ merit list for NEET 2024 that NTA has compiled and submitted. For applicants from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, who must submit a self-declaration form during NEET 2024 counselling, this step is crucial in the admissions process. On the other hand, aspirants from Jammu & Kashmir need to provide separate paperwork. 

NEET Merit List 2024 For 85% State Quota Seats

Separate counseling rounds are held for the remaining 85% of seats subject to state quotas. Students must pass the NEET test and receive the minimum number of points required by their state in order to be eligible. Candidates must submit an application to the state in which they are interested in admission and adhere to the guidelines provided by each state agency. 

Important details about the NEET 2024 state quota merit list include:

  1. Completion of the state-level application form by the specified deadline is mandatory for participation in NEET 2024 state-level counselling.

  2. A merit list is prepared for NEET 2024, including all eligible candidates who have registered.

  3. Candidates are given the opportunity to choose and lock their preferences during the counselling rounds.

  4. Each state issues its own NEET state rank list for each NEET counselling 2024 round, reflecting the quotas allocated to that state. 

These procedures ensure a transparent and structured approach to admissions under both All India and state quotas for NEET 2024.

NEET Merit List 2024 Tie Breaking Policy

In the event that two or more candidates achieve identical scores in the NEET 2024, the following criteria will be utilized to determine the ranking:

Aspirants who attain higher marks or percentile scores in Biology (Botany and Zoology) from the NEET exam will be given priority.

  1. Candidates with superior grades or percentile scores in chemistry will be given precedence if a tie continues.

  2. Candidates with higher marks or physics percentile scores will thereafter be taken into consideration.

  3. The ratio of wrong to right responses for each topic will be the next criteria. Those with a lower ratio will be given preference.

  4. Particularly in the fields of botany and zoology, applicants will be given preference if their percentage of erroneous to right answers is smaller.

  5. Candidates in chemistry who have a lower ratio of wrong to right answers will be rated higher if the tie holds.

  6. Finally, candidates having a lower ratio of wrong to correct answers in physics will receive the higher rank if the tie is not broken. 

These guidelines ensure a transparent and equitable approach to resolving ties based on specific academic performance metrics.

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