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NEET Previous Year Question Paper With Solutions - PDF Download

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NEET Previous Year Question Paper With Solutions - PDF Download

NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test)

The national eligibility cum entrance test (NEET) is an india level exam that is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The NTA conducts this exam every year. It is the only procedure to get admission to government and private colleges and universities in India. Students who pass the NEET are eligible to enroll in the MBBS programme, BDS programme, and some other undergraduate medical programmes. 

NEET UG is one of India's most well-attended exams in terms of registrations.
This exam is given in many languages like hindi, english, bengali, marathi, gujarati, oriya, assamese, urdu, tamil, telugu and more.

According to NCERT recommendations, the NEET syllabus focuses on the fundamental concepts of biology, chemistry and physics taught in classes 11 and 12.

The only medical admission exam in India is NEET, which forbids private medical institutes from holding their own entrance exams. The NEET entrance test supports medical aspirants who wish to pursue MBBS or medical studies abroad.

NEET Previous Year Question Paper

Aspiring medical students may find it challenging to prepare for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). To increase your chances of success in the face of fierce competition and the extensive NEET syllabus, you must establish a successful study plan. Solving the neet last year question papers is one tried-and-true strategy that has been quite beneficial for applicants.

Students must have a solid understanding of the question paper of neet, exam format, syllabus, and difficulty level in order to succeed in this fiercely competitive exam. The NEET exam paper of  previous year question paper pdf with solutions can be used as practice material to help you succeed in the medical entrance exam. Candidates can download the NEET Question Paper 2023 as well as the NEET Question Papers from the past years on eSaral and learn about their significance as well as how to use them efficiently for a successful NEET preparation.

NEET Exam Pattern

The National Eligibility Cumulation Entrance Test (NEET) is administered on paper by the National Testing Agency (NTA) As you begin to get ready for the undergraduate medical exam. Here all NEET aspirants can check the complete exam pattern for upcoming exams on this page.

Questions for the exam are drawn from the class XI and XII curriculums in biology, chemistry, and physics.

NEET question paper mode Based on pens and paper. Candidates will receive an OMR sheet and a black or blue ballpoint pen to mark their responses.

Duration of the NEET exam

3 hours and 20 minutes


Languages other than English and Hindi include Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Malayalam, Kannada, and Punjabi.

Question Format

Multiple choice questions

Total number of questions 

There will be 200 questions in all, and the candidates must respond to 180 of them.

Total score on the NEET

720 marks

NEET marking scheme

There will be 4 marks given for each accurate response.

Each unsuccessful attempt will result in the loss of one mark.

Unanswered questions receive no points.

How to Solve NEET Question Paper in Exam

One of the most difficult and competitive medical entrance exams in the nation is NEET. It can be difficult to study every chapter in the NEET curriculum in full, but thorough planning that covers the entire syllabus can turn the situation around and help students prepare in a lot less time. Here are a few helpful hints that will help students successfully complete the NEET exam's multiple-choice questions.

1. To practice the NEET question paper pdf, aspirants can frequently solve the question papers.

2. When attempting to solve the NEET question paper, it should be read carefully and taken into account.

3. Give yourself adequate time to work through the problems.

4. NEET question papers should be practiced by applicants to ensure they are prepared for the test.

5. Command on time management :- Time is very crucial in the NEET exam so it is very important to learn time management and practice previous year question papers of NEET to manage time in the examination hall.

6. Keep an eye on errors:- Candidates are more likely to make thoughtless mistakes on the NEET exam. They might miss some subtleties or make blunders due to a lack of experience. Repetition of test questions improves performance and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

7.Recognise the Syllabus:- Recognising the syllabus is the first stage in exam preparation. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology disciplines are covered on the NEET course syllabus. It is critical to comprehend the subjects covered in each subject and their relative weight in the final exam. You can begin preparing in accordance with the curriculum after you have a firm comprehension of it.

Benefits of Solving NEET Previous Year Question Paper

One of the major exams in the nation, NEET, allows candidates to apply for admission to medical programmes. When the stakes are high, preparation must be thorough and persistent. Many candidates struggle to pass the NEET exam in order to enroll in reputable medical schools. To be referred to as what they are, top performers work smart rather than hard, and the top advice on their list is to solve NEET previous year's question papers. This can undoubtedly provide one an advantage over others and greatly aid in outperforming them.

Here, we've compiled some ground-breaking advice that will enable you to appreciate the significance of answering questions correctly and earning the highest possible score.

1.Increase Effective Time Management: As you begin to solve papers, you will have a good notion of how much time you spend on each area (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology each have 45 questions, and each section has 90 questions). Technically, you have one minute to answer each question, thus time management skills are your only chance for success. There is only the requirement to practice with papers as a substitute. Along with many other advantages, solving papers also helps with time management. You spend less time on each area and merely add buffer time to the next section that needs to be solved. Extra time at the exam is only advantageous since bubbling the OMR sheet becomes a less demanding task.

2. Best Revision Tool:The best study buddy one may have for revision is solving papers. NEET past year question paper books are widely available; candidates can use these materials to solve papers. This is a fantastic method to look back on your preparation. It fosters self-assurance.

3. Recognise Your Strengths and Weaknesses: You must analyze your level of readiness and identify your weaknesses. Each pupil has different weak spots. When one is learning in general, it might not be apparent. Examining sample questions from prior years and practice examinations would highlight the student's specific areas of weakness. The NEET tutors would have the ability to put corrective measures in place for directing them appropriately. The weaknesses must be fixed as part of the NEET preparation process. Everyone has some sort of defect; winning is about overcoming it.

4. A Clear Pattern Understanding: You must be able to manage your time well and perform well if you want to be a NEET candidate. Our knowledgeable professors have been giving the students pointers, shortcuts, and tactics to enable them to swiftly respond to the most questions possible. Another way to increase your speed is by answering previous NEET questions. It would make it apparent what the pattern is that is used in NEET. As a result, you can plan your strategy in advance to achieve your best NEET test score.  

5. Greater Confidence: The secret to succeeding in NEET is having a confident mindset. Your NEET dreams could be seriously destroyed by any internal negativity. Every candidate preparing for a competitive exam should engage in all the activities that will boost their motivation and confidence. By answering the questions from prior NEET exams, you can determine how prepared you are. Studying the subjects you find challenging will boost your self-assurance and success chances more than you might imagine.


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