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Oxidation & Reduction - JEE Main Previous Year Questions with Solutions

JEE Main Previous Year Papers Questions of Chemistry With Solutions are available at eSaral.   Simulator   Previous Years AIEEE/JEE Main Questions
Q. Which of the following will change the colour of acidic dichromate solution. [JEE-MAINS 2013]
Ans. (A)
Q. [JEE-MAINS 2013]
Ans. (C)
Q. [JEE-MAINS 2013]
Ans. (A)
Q. The most suitable reagent for the conversion of $\mathrm{R}-\mathrm{CH}_{2}-\mathrm{OH} \rightarrow \mathrm{R}-\mathrm{CHO}$ is :- (A) $\mathrm{CrO}_{3}$ (B) PCC (Pyridinium chlorochromate) (D) $\mathrm{K}_{2} \mathrm{Cr}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{7}$ [JEE-MAINS 2014]
Ans. (B)

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