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Periodic Table - JEE Advanced Previous Year Questions with Solutions

JEE Advanced Previous Year Questions of Chemistry with Solutions are available at eSaral. Practicing JEE Advanced Previous Year Papers Questions of Chemistry will help the JEE aspirants in realizing the question pattern as well as help in analyzing weak & strong areas.   Simulator Previous Years JEE Advance Questions
Q. Statement-1 : F atom has a less negative electron gain enthalpy than Cl atom.   Statement-2 : Additional electron is repelled more efficiently by 3p electron in Cl atom than by 2p electron in F atom. (A) Statement-1 is true, statement-2 is true and statement-2 is correct explanation for statement 1. (B) Statement-1 is true, statement-2 is true and statement-2 is NOT the correct explanation for statement‑1. (C) Statement-1 is true, statement-2 is false. (D) Statement-1 is false, statement-2 is true. [JEE 2000]
Ans. (C)
Q. The correct order of radii is: $(\mathrm{A}) \mathrm{N}<\mathrm{Be}<\mathrm{B}$ (B) $\mathrm{F}^{-}<\mathrm{O}^{2-}<\mathrm{N}^{3-}$ (C) $\mathrm{Na}<\mathrm{Li}<\mathrm{K}$ $(\mathrm{D}) \mathrm{Fe}^{3+}<\mathrm{Fe}^{2+}<\mathrm{Fe}^{4+}$ [JEE 2000]
Ans. (B)
Q. The $\mathrm{IE}_{1}$ of Be is greater than that of B. [JEE 2001]
Ans. True
Q. The set representing correct order of $\mathrm{IP}_{1}$ is (A) K > Na > Li (B) Be > Mg > Ca (C) B > C > N (D) Fe > Si > C [JEE 2001]
Ans. (B)
Q. Identify the least stable ion amongst the following: (A) $\mathrm{Li}^{-}$ (B) $\mathrm{Be}^{-}$ (C) $\mathrm{B}^{-}$ (D) $\mathrm{C}^{-}$ [JEE 2016]
Ans. (B)
Q. The increasing order of atomic radii of the following Group 13 elements is (A) Al < Ga < In < Tl (B) Ga < Al < In < Tl (C) Al < In < Ga < Tl (D) Al < Ga < Tl < In [JEE 2016]
Ans. (B) Increasing order of atomic radii: Ga < Al < In < Tl Ga is smaller due to poor shielding of d-orbital
Q. The option(s) with only amphoteric oxides is(are) : (A) $\mathrm{Cr}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}, \mathrm{BeO}, \mathrm{SnO}, \mathrm{SnO}_{2}$ (B) $\mathrm{Cr}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}, \mathrm{CrO}, \mathrm{SnO}, \mathrm{PbO}$ (C) $\quad \mathrm{ZnO}, \mathrm{Al}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}, \mathrm{PbO}, \mathrm{PbO}_{2}$ (D) $\mathrm{NO}, \mathrm{B}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}, \mathrm{PbO}, \mathrm{SnO}_{2}$ [JEE 2017]
Ans. (A,C) $\mathrm{BeO}, \mathrm{Al}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}, \mathrm{SnO}, \mathrm{PbO}, \mathrm{Cr}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}, \mathrm{SnO}_{2}, \mathrm{PbO}_{2}$ are amphoteric oxides. CrO is basic oxide , $\mathrm{B}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}$ is acidic oxide, NO is Neutral oxide

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