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Projectile Motion Questions and Answers: Important for Class 11 Physics

JEE Mains & Advanced

Get Projectile Motion important questions and answers. View 11th Physics important questions for exam point of view. These important questions will play significant role in clearing concepts of Projectile Motion. This question bank is designed by expert faculties keeping NCERT in mind and the questions are updated with respect to upcoming Board exams. You will get here all the important questions with the solutions of Projectile motion. Also eSaral provides you this question bank for other subjects and chapters too.

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Q. At which point of the trajectory is the speed of motion minimum?
Q. What is the angle of projection at which the and Range are equal.
Q. What is the change in momentum between the initialand final points of the projectile path, if the range is maximum?
Q. A hunter aims his gun at a monkey sitting on a tree and fires. Will the bullet hit the monkey?
Q. Name a quantity which remains unchanged during the flight of an oblique projectile.
Ans. Horizontal Component of velocity 
Q. Name five physical quantities which change during the motion of an oblique projectile.
Q. A projectile of mass is fired with velocity at an angle with the horizontal. What is the change in momentum as it rises to highest point of the trajectory?
Q. A bomb is released from a horizontally flying bomber when it is vertically above the target. Shall it hit the target?
Q. What is the path followed by a Javelin projected horizontally by an athlete?
Ans. Projectile -parabolic path.
Q. A projectile of mass is projected with velocity at an angle with the horizontal. What is the magnitude of the change in momentum of the projectile after time ?
Ans. Change in momentum = Impulse = Force Time
Q. Why does a tennis ball bounce higher on hills than in plains?
Q. Give two applications and two examples of projectile motion.
Q. A body is projected in horizontal direction with a uniform velocity from top of tower. Show that the path is parabola.
Q. Galileo, in his book Two new sciences, stated that "for elevations which exceeds or fall short of " by equal amounts, the ranges are equal." Prove this statement.
Q. If the time of flight of a projectile projected with a velocity at an angle is find the condition for maximum range and its value?
Q. Prove that the path of a projectile is a parabola.
Q. The height and the distance along the horizontal plane of a projectile on a certain plane (with no atmosphere) are given by,
Q. What are the possible angles of projection with same velocity to have same range?
Q. A mass is projected horizontally with a velocity from a tower. Find the horizontal length it will cover from the foot of the tower?
Q. Prove that a gun will shoot three times as high when its angle of elevation is as when it is but cover the same horizontal range.
Q. When will the relative velocity of two moving objects be zero?
These are the important questions with answers for the topic Projectile Motion. We have also provided these kind of similar important solved questions for other chapters and subjects. For more awesome content you can subscribe to our Youtube channel- eSaral.  

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A stone is projected vertically upward with a speed of 30ms from the top of a tower of height 50m, determine the time of flight on reaching the ground.
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