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Properties of Diamagnetic Substances - Magnetism and Matters Class 12

Diamagnetic materials are those that some people generally think of as non-magnetic, and include water, wood, most organic compounds such as petroleum and some plastics, and many metals including copper, particularly the heavy ones with many core electrons, such as mercury, gold and bismuth. The substances which when placed in a magnetic field are feebly magnetised in a direction opposite to that of the magnetising field are called diamagnetic substances. Here we will study about the properties of Diamagnetic Substances.
  1. The property of diamagnetism is found to exist normally in substances whose atoms or molecules have even number of electrons. The orbital motion of electrons in a pair are in opposite direction. So each atom has net magnetic dipole moment equal to zero.
  2. When diamagnetic substance is kept in an external field it causes acceleration of one electron and deceleration of other in the pair. A net dipole moment is produced in a direction opposite to field.
  3. Diamagnetic effects are very weak. The diamagnetic property is not affected by temperature of substance.
  4. Some diamagnetic substances are $\mathrm{Cu}, \mathrm{Zn}, \mathrm{Bi}, \mathrm{Ag}, \mathrm{Au}, \mathrm{Pb}, \mathrm{He}, \mathrm{Ar}, \mathrm{NaC} \ell, \mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O},$ marble, glass etc.
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