5 moles of an ideal gas at


5 moles of an ideal gas at $100 \mathrm{~K}$ are allowed to undergo reversible compression till its temperature becomes $200 \mathrm{~K}$.

If $\mathrm{C}_{\mathrm{V}}=28 \mathrm{JK}^{-1} \mathrm{~mol}^{-1}$, calculate $\Delta \mathrm{U}$ and $\Delta \mathrm{pV}$ for this process. $\left(\mathrm{R}=8.0 \mathrm{JK}^{-1} \mathrm{~mol}^{-1}\right]$

  1. $\Delta \mathrm{U}=14 \mathrm{~kJ} ; \Delta(\mathrm{pV})=4 \mathrm{~kJ}$

  2. $\Delta \mathrm{U}=14 \mathrm{~kJ} ; \Delta(\mathrm{pV})=18 \mathrm{~kJ}$

  3. $\Delta \mathrm{U}=2.8 \mathrm{~kJ} ; \Delta(\mathrm{pV})=0.8 \mathrm{~kJ}$

  4. $\Delta \mathrm{U}=14 \mathrm{~kJ} ; \Delta(\mathrm{pV})=0.8 \mathrm{~kJ}$

Correct Option: 1


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