A point on the straight line,


A point on the straight line, $3 x+5 y=15$ which is equidistant from the coordinate axes will lie only in :

  1. (1) $4^{\text {th }}$ quadrant

  2. (2) $1^{\text {st }}$ quadrant

  3. (3) $1^{\text {st }}$ and $2^{\text {nd }}$ quadrants

  4. (4) $1^{\text {st }}, 2^{\text {nd }}$ and $4^{\text {th }}$ quadrants

Correct Option: , 3


A point which is equidistant from both the axes lies on

either $y=x$ and $y=-x$.

Since, point lies on the line $3 x+5 y=15$

Then the required point

$3 x+5 y=15$


$y=\frac{15}{2} \Rightarrow(x, y)=\left(-\frac{15}{2}, \frac{15}{2}\right)\left\{2^{\text {nd }}\right.$ quadrant $\}$

or $3 x+5 y=15$


$y=\frac{15}{8} \Rightarrow(x, y)=\left(\frac{15}{8}, \frac{15}{8}\right)\left\{1^{\text {st }}\right.$ quadrant $\}$

Hence, the required point lies in $1^{\text {st }}$ and $2^{\text {nd }}$ quadrant.

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