A transmitting antenna


A transmitting antenna has a height of $320 \mathrm{~m}$ and that of receiving antenna is $2000 \mathrm{~m}$. The maximum distance between them for satisfactory communication in line of sight mode is 'd'. The value of 'd' is ........ km.


$\mathrm{d}_{\mathrm{m}}=\sqrt{2 \mathrm{Rh}_{\mathrm{T}}}+\sqrt{2 \mathrm{Rh}_{\mathrm{R}}}$

$\mathrm{d}_{\mathrm{m}}=\left(\sqrt{2 \times 6400 \times 10^{3} \times 320}+\sqrt{2 \times 6400 \times 10^{3} \times 2000}\right) \mathrm{m}$

$\mathrm{d}_{\mathrm{m}}=224 \mathrm{~km}$

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