An Ellingham diagram provides information about:


An Ellingham diagram provides information about:

  1. the conditions of $\mathrm{pH}$ and potential under which a species is thermodynamically stable.

  2. the temperature dependence of the standard Gibbs energies of formation of some metal oxides.

  3. the pressure dependence of the standard electrode potentials of reduction reactions involved in the extraction of metals.

  4. the kinetics of the reduction process.

Correct Option: , 2


Ellingham diagram is the graph of $\Delta \mathrm{G}^{0} \mathrm{vs} \mathrm{T}$ of any metal/ element oxide. Since

$\Delta \mathrm{G}^{\circ}=\Delta \mathrm{H}^{\circ}-\mathrm{T} \Delta \mathrm{S}^{\circ}$

For most metal oxide formation.

metal (s) + oxygen (g) $\rightarrow$ metal oxide (s)

$\Delta \mathrm{H}^{\circ}=-$ ve $; \Delta \mathrm{S}^{\circ}=-$ ve

So, graph will be a straight line with -ve intercept and +ve slope.

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