Classify the following organisms based on absence


Classify the following organisms based on absence or presence of true coelom as acoelomate, pseudocoelomate and coelomate : Spongilla, Sea Anemone, Planaria, Liver Fluke, Wuchereria, Ascaris, Nereis, Earthworm, Scorpion, Birds, Fishes and Horse.


1. Spongilla-Acoelomaxe

2. Sea Anemone-Acoelomate

3. Planaria-Acoelomate

4. Liver Fluke-Acoelomate

5. Wuchereria-Pseudocoelomate

6. Aszvzris-Pseudocoelomate

7. Nereis-Coelomate

8. Scorpion-Coelomate

9. Earthworm-Coelomate

10. Birds-Coelomate

11. Fishes-Coelomate

12. Horse-Coelomate.

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