Comment on the lifecycle and nature


 Comment on the lifecycle and nature of a fern prothallus.


1. Fern shows diplo-haplontic life cycle.

2. Diploid sporophyte represents the dominant, independent, photosynthetic plant body.

3. The sporophyte bears sporangia which produce spores by meiosis.

4. These spores germinate to form free-living prothallus which represents a gametophyte.

5. Sexual reproduction: syngamy results in the formation of a diploid zygote. Zygote germinates into a diploid sporophyte.


1. It represents the gametophytic phase.

2. Multicellular, independent, green, photosynthetic thallus.

3. It needs damp and shady places.

4. Bears sex organs, rhizoids and food-laden parenchymatous cells.

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