Comment upon the gametic exchange


Comment upon the gametic exchange in earthworm during mating.


(i) Gamete exchange of earthworms occurs through cross-fertilization and external fertilization.

Two earthworms come closer to each other and they get ventrally attached in the opposite direction.

(ii) The copulation process begins and the male genital pore (i.e., papilla) of one earthworm is inserted into the spermathecal pore of the other earthworm.

(iii) The earthworm remains mutually close together by the penetration of setae in their bodies.

(iv) Sperm and prostatic fluid of the earthworm are exchanged and the spermathecal pore stores the spermathecae.

(v) The remains like than for an hour and the sperm and egg passed into cocoon which gets secreted by the clitellar gland present in the 14th to the 16th segment of the earthworm.

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