Consider the circuit arrangement in


Consider the circuit arrangement in which the input and output characteristics of NPN transistor in CE configuration

Select the values of RB and RC for a transistor whose VBE = 0.7 V, so that the transistor is operating at point Q as shown in the characteristics shown in the

figure (b). Given that the input impedance of the transistor is very small and VCC = VBB = 16 V, also find the voltage gain and power gain of circuit making

appropriate assumptions.



Vbe = 0.7V

Vcc = Vbb = 16V

Vce = 8V

Ic = 4 mA = 4 × 10-3 A

Ib = 30 × 10-6 A

Rc = 2 kilo ohms

Rb = 510 kilo ohms

Current gain = 1333

Voltage gain = 0.52

Power gain = 69

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