Define the terms and give one example of each


Define the terms and give one example of each

(a) Bilateral symmetry

(b) Coelom

(c) Triploblastic.                           (COE 2011, 2012)


(a) Bilateral Symmetry: It is a type of symmetry in which appendages and organs of the body are paired with one of each pair being present in right and left halves of the body, e.g., Lizard, Human.

(b) Coelom: It is mesoderm lined, fluid filled internal body cavity that lies between alimentary canal and skin. It provides a shock proof environment to the contained body organs, e.g, chordates, annelids.

(c) Triploblastic: They are animals having three germinal layers - outer ectoderm, middle mesoderm and inner endoderm, e.g, nematodes, arthropods, star fish.

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