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Differentiate between


Differentiate between

a. Bract and Bracteole

b. Pulvinus and petiole

c. Pedicel and peduncle

d. Spike and spadix

e. Stamen and staminoid

f. Pollen and pollenium


a. A bract is present at the base of the pedicle whereas bracteolate is present between bract and flower.

b. Pulvinus is swollen leaf base present in the leguminous plants whereas petiole is a subcylindrical stalk which connects the leaf base with the lamina.

c. The pedicle is a stalk of flower and peduncle is a stalk of whole inflorescence

d. Spike is that the flowers are sessile that develop on an elongated peduncle in acropetal succession whereas spadix is covered by one of the few large bracts called spates

e. Stamen represents a male reproductive organ whereas sterile stamen is called stamina.

f. Pollen is a male gametophyte of angiosperms whereas polonium is the group of pollen grains.

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