Explain briefly, micturition and disorders


 Explain briefly, micturition and disorders of the excretory system


The functional unit of the kidney is nephron where the urine is formed and followed by the urinary bladder. The urine will be stored until a voluntary signal is given by

the central nervous system. his signal stretched the urinary bladder as it gets filled with urine. In response, the stretch receptors on the bladder walls would now send

signals to the CNS that passes on motor messages that would lead to contraction of the muscles of the bladder leading to relaxation of the sphincter. This releases the

urine and this process is called micturition.

Disorders of the excretory system:

1. Glomerulonephritis

It is the inflammation of the glomeruli of the kidney

2. Uremia

It is the condition where due to the malfunctioning of kidney some toxic urea will be accumulated in the blood which causes uremia

3. Renal calculi

This disorder is due to the formation of stone-like calcium oxalate which results in kidney stones.

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