Explain Rh-incompatibility in humans.


Explain Rh-incompatibility in humans.


There are many blood groups which are known mainly. There is another type of blood group known as Rh factor or Rhesus monkey factor which is an inherited factor.

People who do not have Rh factor are called Rh-negative people (Rh-ve). Rh-incompatibility in humans may lead to a disorder called as Erythroblastosis foetal at the

time of pregnancy if the foetus is Rh+ve and the mother is Rh-ve and if the blood from foetus enters the mother’s bloodstream, antibodies against the foetus blood are

created. This is not affected at the first pregnancy but in subsequent if the baby is RH+ve the antibodies formed against Rh+ve blood during first pregnancy may enter

the foetus through the placenta. This leads to death due to the destruction of foetus RBC’s.

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