Fibonacci numbers Take 10 numbers as shown below:


Fibonacci numbers Take 10 numbers as shown below:

ab, (a + b), (a + 2b), (2a + 3b), (3a + 5b), (5a + 8b), (8a + 13b), (13a + 21b), and (21a + 34b). Sum of all these numbers = 11(5a + 8b) = 11 × 7th number.

Taking a = 8, b = 13; write 10 Fibonacci numbers and verify that sum of all these numbers = 11 × 7th number.



$a=8$ and $b=13$

The numbers in the Fibonnaci sequence are arranged in the following manner:

$1 s t, 2 n d,(1 s t+2 n d),(2 n d+3 t h),(3 t h+4 t h),(4 t h+5 t h),(5 t h+6 t h),(6 t h+7 t h),(7 t h+8 t h),(8 t h+9 t h),(9 t h+10 t h)$

The numbers are $8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377$ and 610 .

Sum of the numbers $=8+13+21+34+55+89+144+233+377+610$

= 1584

$11 \times 7$ th number $=11 \times 144=1584$


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