Find out the oxidation number of chlorine


Find out the oxidation number of chlorine in the following compounds and arrange them in increasing order of oxidation number of chlorine.

NaClO4, NaClO3, NaClO, KClO2, Cl2O7, ClO3, Cl2O, NaCl, Cl2, ClO2


NaClO4 x= +7

NaClO3, x= +5

NaClO, x=+1

KClO2, x= +3

Cl2O7, x= +7

ClO3, x= +6

Cl2O, x=+1

NaCl, x=-1

Cl2, x=0

ClO2, x= +4

Ascending order of compounds w.r.t their oxidation number is:

NaCl (-1), Cl2(0), Cl2O(+1), KClO2(+3), ClO2(+4), NaClO3(+5), ClO3(+6), Cl2O7=NaClO4(+7).

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