From the following relationships between respiratory


From the following relationships between respiratory volume and capacities and mark the correct answer

i. Inspiratory capacity (IC) = Tidal Volume + Residual Volume

ii. Vital Capacity (VC) = Tidal Volume (TV) + Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV) + Expiratory Reserve Volume (ERV).

iii. Residual Volume (RV) = Vital Capacity (VC) – Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV)

iv. Tidal Volume (TV) = Inspiratory Capacity (IC) – Inspiratory ReserveVolume (IRV)

a. (i) Incorrect, (ii) Incorrect, (iii) Incorrect, (iv) Correct

b. (i) Incorrect, (ii) Correct, (iii) Incorrect, (iv) Correct

c. (i) Correct, (ii) Correct, (iii) Incorrect, (iv) Correct

d. (i) Correct, (ii) Incorrect, (iii) Correct, (iv) Incorrect


Option (b) (i) Incorrect, (ii) Correct, (iii) Incorrect, (iv) Correct is the answer.

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