Give the biochemical events occurring in the root nodule


Give the biochemical events occurring in the root nodule of a pulse plant. What is the end product? What is its fate?


The process of nitrogen fixation involves the conversion of free nitrogen in the air into Ammonia or other nitrogenous compounds in the presence of enzyme Nitrogenase.

N2 + 8H+ + 8e- → 2NH3 + H2

The end product of the biochemical events is Ammonia (NH3).

The Ammonia produced through nitrogen fixation is incorporated in the amino acids as an amino group. At physiological pH NH3 group is protonated to NH4+ group is the fate of ammonia.

1. Reductive Amination: In this reaction, alpha Ketoglutaric acid forms glutamate. In this reaction, Ammonia reacts with a-ketoglutaric acid to form glutamate.

2. Transamination: In this reaction amino group (NH2) transfers from one amino acid to other amino acid transaminase enzyme catalyses this reaction

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