Given below are two statements :


Given below are two statements :

Statement - I : An electric dipole is placed at the centre of a hollow sphere. The flux of electric field through the sphere is zero but the electric field is not zero anywhere in the sphere.

Statement - II : If $\mathrm{R}$ is the radius of a solid metallic sphere and $\mathrm{Q}$ be the total charge on it.

The electric field at any point on the spherical surface of radius $r(

flux passing through this closed spherical surface of radius $r$ is not zero.

In the light of the above statements. Choose the correct answerfrom the option given below :

Option :

  1. (1) Statement I is true but Statement II is false

  2. (2) Statement I is false but Statement II is true

  3. (3) Both Statement I and Statement II are true

  4. (4) Both Statement I and Statement II are false

Correct Option: 1



Statement $-1 \rightarrow$ Correct

Statement $-2 \rightarrow$ Incorrect

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