Given below is a conversation between two farmers Heera and Beera.


Given below is a conversation between two farmers Heera and Beera.

Heera Brother Beera, your maize crops look beautiful. They have grown pretty fast.

Beera Yes, I have sprayed urea this time. What about you?

Heera Well, I am still relying on good old cow dung. I am saving money for buying a tractor. Beera That’s good. Tractor saves a Lot of time

and labour.

Heera Yes, it’s been very labour intensive for me and now these weeds have come up.

Beera Try weedicides, they are very effective.

Now, answer the following questions.

  1. List the practices which are not environment friendly and why?
  2. What is the advantage of modern agricultural implements over traditional ones?
  3. Name one weedicide and the precaution, farmers must take during its application.

  1. The practices used in field which are not environment friendly are use of fertilisers, pesticides, weedicides and other chemical substances that pose health hazards.
    Tractor though saves labour and time but contributes to air pollution.
  2. Modern agricultural implements save both time and labour as compared to traditional equipments.
    They import more efficiency and accuracy in different agricultural procedures like sowing of seed.
  3. The example of weedicide is 2,4-D. The precaution taken by farmers, while spraying it on crops is they should properly cover their nose and mouth, so as to avoid inhaling of these chemicals.
    Excessive use is harmful, hence they should limit the application of such chemicals.

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