Given the following two statements :


Given the following two statements :

$\left(S_{1}\right):(q \vee p) \rightarrow(p \leftrightarrow \sim q)$ is a tautology.

$\left(S_{2}\right): \sim q \wedge(\sim p \leftrightarrow q)$ is a fallacy. Then :

  1. (1) both $\left(S_{1}\right)$ and $\left(S_{2}\right)$ are correct

  2. (2) only $\left(S_{1}\right)$ is correct

  3. (3) only $\left(S_{2}\right)$ is correct

  4. (4) both $\left(S_{1}\right)$ and $\left(S_{2}\right)$ are not correct

Correct Option: , 4


The truth table of both the statements is

$\therefore \mathrm{S}_{1}$ is not tautology and

$\mathrm{S}_{2}$ is not fallacy.

Hence, both the statements $\left(S_{1}\right)$ and $\left(S_{2}\right)$ are not correct.

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