How many edges are there in a


How many edges are there in a

(i) cuboid

(ii) tetrahedron

(iii) triangular prism

(iv) square pyramid?


(i) A cuboid has 12 edges, namely AD, DC, CB, BA, EA, FB, HD, DC, CG, GH, HE, and GF.

(ii) A tetrahedron has 6 edges, namely KL, LM, MN, NL , KM and KN.

(iii) A triangular prism has 9 edges, namely QR, RS, SQ, TU, UV, VT, RU, SV and QT.

(iv) A square pyramid has 8 edges, namely OW, OX, OY , OZ , WX, XY, YZ and ZW.

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