In ∆ABC, if AB = 16 cm, BC = 12 cm and AC = 20 cm, then ∆ABC is


In ∆ABCif AB = 16 cm, BC = 12 cm and AC = 20 cm, then ∆ABC is
(a) acute-angled
(b) right-angled
(c) obtuse-angled



(b) right-angled

We have:

$A B^{2}+B C^{2}=16^{2}+12^{2}=256+144=400$

and, $A C^{2}=20^{2}=400$

$\therefore A B^{2}+B C^{2}=A C^{2}$

Hence, ∆ABC is a right-angled triangle.


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