In aqueous solution the ionization


In aqueous solution the ionization constants for carbonic acid are $\mathrm{K}_{1}=4.2 \times 10^{-7}$ and $\mathrm{K}_{2}=4.8 \times 10^{-11}$

Select the correct statement for a saturated $0.034 \mathrm{M}$ solution of the carbonic acid :-

  1. The concentration of $\mathrm{H}^{+}$is double that of $\mathrm{CO}_{3}{ }^{2-}$

  2. The concentration of $\mathrm{CO}_{3}{ }^{2-}$ is $0.034 \mathrm{M}$

  3. The concentration of $\mathrm{CO}_{3}^{2-}$ is greater than that of $\mathrm{HCO}_{3}^{-}$

  4. The concentrations of $\mathrm{H}^{+}$and $\mathrm{HCO}_{3}^{-}$are approximately equal

Correct Option: , 4


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